Type 3 New Arrivals


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  1. 24 September 11, 3:56am

    Warrior Princess earrings??? LOl….the Xenite in me wants! I caught a glimpse of the clothes rooms from the Celebrate Your Beauty event. Do you think you might ever sell clothing pieces online??

  2. Anonymous
    03 December 11, 4:48pm

    Great new pieces! I just placed my order. Can’t wait to see them in person.

     It would be a God-send if you would branch into selling clothing as well, especially items that are hard to find in your type. Maybe take surveys from us and find out what we are having trouble finding.  For instance, I haven’t had any luck, even on-line, in finding a type 3 bathrobe this winter.  I don’t want an animal print slinky thing, I want something cozy and warm in one of my colors.  All the cozy warm robes are  type 2 or type 4.  Strange, but true.

  3. Kristine Bolstridge
    04 December 11, 5:12pm

    I cannot thank you enough for doing these videos. They are truly fabulous! I love them because it is like a mini-visit/girls’ gathering with each of you and it feels good, fun, and informative. Thank you!

  4. 17 March 12, 3:09pm

    The video keeps pausing at 4:25 for some reason and I can’t get it to move beyond that point.  Lovin the new products and would love to see the rest of it!

  5. 16 June 12, 9:25am

    I must have that yellow over-top! Ahh! You gals are right! You have the best Type 3 selection!

  6. Rachelle
    23 April 14, 12:49pm

    Didn’t see the new items you showed in the video like the yellow smock, the red & yellow gem necklace, the peach tshirt, etc. Please advise. Thanks!

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