Type 2 New Arrivals


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  1. meeckels
    07 January 12, 8:14am

    I am so happy about the t-shirts! Yeah! I just bought four of them. And my thought when I saw them was –  they will be perfect and I can wear those tricky-for-me-to-see colors shopping to help train my eye! Wonderful. So exciting. Thank you!

  2. smcarlton
    16 June 12, 7:29pm

    Love all the Type 2 Items you shared. One of my favorites is the light weight scarf Anne placed in your hair and around her neck. I could not find this listed in the store. The baby blue scarf is similar but I like the color Anne showed better. Can you let me know where I can find it? Thanks so much! I love Dressing Your Truth!

  3. Nancy Niemi
    27 February 14, 10:35pm

    I just adore the ” getaway cardigan , but i didnt see it online, i also love the drippy scarf and those beaeded bracelets , i love to stack , necklaces , but you didnt tell us the name of the two long multi stranded gorgeous necklaces, May i ask their name and when they will be available , ? Also when will the cardigan be available .
    thank you sooo much for having longer t shirts , in that weathered finish , i cant wait to set up my summer warddrobe
    thank you so much , God bless you , Nancy.p.s. please let me know ehn the cardigan and necklaces will be avialble please , thank you , oh and thank you for another great headband , your haed bands are the only ones i can wear , they are soooooo comfortable !!!!!! thank you again and agian , times seven !!!!!!

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