I just had my hair done for my Type 1 nature and the response has been incredible! I have never had so many compliments in all my life! I feel and seem to be way more attractive, and so many people have said I look ten years younger now! It has changed the way I look entirely – people didn’t recognise me at first. I totally agree with what Carol is saying here, so if you’re thinking about taking the course…GO FOR IT!


The time came to get my new style and I was excited! I shared the description and she got busy. Going to school the next day I got rave reviews, “You are beaming, you look great, your hair suits you, it is so fun.” And my favorite, given to me at church, “You look like a movie star, you are always pretty, but wow!” Amazing what a pair of scissors and a great stylist can do when you communicate just what you want. Dressing Your Truth gave me the confidence to ask for what I want. My life has more energy, relationships are better and I feel healthier since I have been dressing my truth. What a blessing DYT has been.

-Lenor Acedo


Thanks for helping me remember my truth!! I walked into the chiropractor today and he kept saying, “Why do you look different? What did you do to your hair?” I smiled. I took your advice and messed my hair up into a random, curly, fun ‘do! My husband told me after I threw out all my black clothes how he loved seeing me in bright colors. Thank-you thank-you!!

-Tiffany Mansfield Christensen


I have been dressing my truth for almost a year, and I get compliments daily! My clothing, hair and jewelry all match every day. I love knowing what works in my wardrobe. Shopping is easier than ever because I know what will work with my energy type. Thank  you for sharing this information with the world.

-Janet Thorpe

I was brought to dressing your truth by my mom. I enjoy shopping now! I like my make-up and getting to love my hair. I get compliments all the time!

-Kelly Fox

I finally feel confident to choose my own clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles. I don’t know what the current trends are, and I don’t care because I know what looks best on me! I feel beautiful and confident. I am much happier with my body (even though its not perfect), and my appearance.

-Jacki Archibald


I LOVE it! I’m 53 yrs old and for many years have had a sense of not having the right to live. No purpose, no point (I do volunteer work and have a family, just things weren’t right.) Well, along comes your course (guess I wanted to live enough to spend the money on it, huh?) and just seeing the first article of clothing made me cry….I’m not a crying woman, either. Now I can celebrate all the copper highlights in my hair, which I’ve always loved. How does one give thanks for getting a life back? I feel like the fire inside is beginning to glow. Thank you for the leading out, doing what you do and being your authentic self. You’ve been so instrumental in the transformation of many.

-Nancy Art


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