What Women Are Saying About Dressing Your Truth

Nothing speaks for Dressing Your Truth better than success stories from our Club Members. These women will tell you how Dressing Your Truth has transformed their experience in the dressing room, at the salon, and in front of their closet every morning. They’ll tell you how simple Dressing Your Truth is to start and how much of a difference it can make, not just in your wardrobe—in your life! Whether you want to feel more confident, improve your shopping experience, or know what to tell your hairdresser, Dressing Your Truth can help you have your own success story. We continually update this page with thank you letters that we receive daily from new and established customers alike. We are sure that once you start your Dressing Your Truth journey, you’ll feel as happy and confident as these women do. Check out what women are saying about how Dressing Your Truth has changed their lives:


I wish every woman could do this. It’s a very enlightening and spiritual experience that is well worth the price.

–Kay Smith

Your team was amazing and so attentive! Thank you for helping me step into my femininity and discover the true me!

–Dr. Veronique Desanluiers

This has been an experience that will always stay with me. It has been an incredible eye-opening experience. I didn’t think that by learning about energy, clothes, makeup, etc. that I would also be learning about who I truly am-good and bad. I am amazed and grateful for all of the things that have surfaced from inside of me as a result. This is powerful stuff.

–Katie Taggart

Since I started Dressing Your Truth I’ve lost 25 pounds, and I haven’t even been focusing on my weight! I only have 9 more pounds to lose until I’m the same weight I was when I was married 26 years ago!! Thank you, Carol!


I’ve had much greater self-esteem, even though I never thought I had a problem with self-esteem. I’ve even lost 5-6 lbs without even trying. Knowing that it’s OKAY to be ME is the greatest feeling!!

-Karen G.



This has been truly an amazing experience for me. I have my confidence level going up. I have always had issues with my weight. I am now able to embrace who I am just as I am. In the past I used my weight and clothing to hide myself. I have now been validated to embrace who I truly am. I am a vibrant woman. I am living, loving, and dressing my feminine truth. Thank you!

-Lillian Pemasa

I could go on and on with so many ways Dressing Your Truth has changed my life! Even though I am overweight, I feel beautiful and confident. The issues of why I am overweight are becoming clear, and the weight is now starting to come off. Bottom line, I just want to thank you for what you are doing to truly empower women! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-LaRie Pack

For the first time in many years I look in the mirror and see someone who is attractive. Feeling pretty is something I have not felt in many years. I use to weigh 300 pounds and was able to take off 70. Thank you, you are saving my life emotionally and physically. I am excited to get dressed each day and my emotional life is improving. I am looking forward to each new day in a positive manner expecting the best.


Today was the first time my friends saw me dressing my truth and no less than 6 people at worship today stopped me to say how amazing I look. I love this stuff. I had to ‘see it’ to believe it and I sure do now.

-Pamela Webber


I just had my hair done for my Type 1 nature and the response has been incredible! I have never had so many compliments in all my life! I feel and seem to be way more attractive, and so many people have said I look ten years younger now! It has changed the way I look entirely – people didn’t recognise me at first. I totally agree with what Carol is saying here, so if you’re thinking about taking the course…GO FOR IT!



I happened to be searching the 
T-Tapp forums when I came across a thread talking about Dressing Your Truth. Naturally, I had to go and check that all out. Dressing Your Truth has been my latest leg of this journey to wellness. Although addressing and working to resolve some of my health issues and T-Tapp did a lot for my energy levels, I have to say that Dressing Your Truth has taken that a step further. I can’t believe that dressing a certain way actually gives me more energy! I am definitely much more cheerful than before. A simple explanation does not do this journey justice!

-Tami Graham

I finally feel confident to choose my own clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles. I don’t know what the current trends are, and I don’t care because I know what looks best on me! I feel beautiful and confident. I am much happier with my body (even though its not perfect), and my appearance.

-Jacki Archibald



This has been an amazing journey. The changes have been wonderful and very freeing. I have more confidence in myself and the clothing and colors I put on my body. No more guessing. I have also been on a limited budget and this has made everything much more cost effective! My husband has commented daily on how nice I look. Thanks again for the fun discovery. I wish you the very best in your future with Dressing Your Truth®.

-Kelly Reimann


God Bless everyone who made the online class possible and at such an affordable price. I have been applying some of the rules for my type 2 energy type and all I can say is ‘wow,’ and so did my husband! What is amazing about this is that I really did feel pretty and feminine for the first time in many years. I felt girly and soft and comfortable in my own skin and that was just with a hair change and putting a pair of muted silver earnings on. Even without my usual makeup I still felt pretty. I feel so grateful to be aligned with my true inner nature – inside and out! That’s what makes me feel beautiful! Thanks to Dressing Your Truth for the tools to make this my reality!

-Alita M.

I feel so good and look so hot! I can’t thank you enough for helping me create the changes I needed at this time in my life.

-Sherry Paul



I am constantly getting compliments about how well put together I look, which is so new for me and quite a change from my past. Now when I go out I stand out from the jeans and fleeces everyone else is wearing. I get noticed, which is so fun for me as a type 2 because I often feel blended into the background. I wish I had this information so long ago. This course has really taught me how to bring out my beauty. I love accessorizing! I can’t believe the comfort and confidence I feel now. I feel so good about myself and who I am when I am dressing my truth, and yes shopping is more fun too!

-Jennifer Brewer

I learned through this process that I was camouflaging myself. I also learned that God created me and it’s safe to be what He created! Thanks so much for your time, desire and service to teach and help the daughters of God reclaim their true beauty.

-Brenda Briggs

I wish I would have had this information as a teen. I finally feel like I am in on the secrets of fashion! Dressing Your Truth has made me appreciate my unique beauty in a way I never thought I would. I know what looks good and the farther I get into it, the more I can’t stand wearing ANYTHING that is not my type. That just shows how the right things vibrate with my energy.

-Charlotte Siems

Before Dressing Your Truth, I had a teenage daughter who always let me know that my clothes were wrong and that I looked old. After Dressing your truth, she told me “Mom, you’re dressing better than before,” and then she said, “Mom, it seem like you’re getting younger.” WOW!!! That meant a LOT!! I feel that for my age, 54, I look the best I can look thanks to Carol. I am constantly getting comments about how others think I am beautiful. I love it because I feel beautiful!!

-Anne Pratt

I have been dressing my truth for almost a year, and I get compliments daily! My clothing, hair and jewelry all match every day. I love knowing what works in my wardrobe. Shopping is easier than ever because I know what will work with my energy type. Thank  you for sharing this information with the world.

-Janet Thorpe


I used to dread shopping! After Dressing Your Truth shopping is easy and fast, and I love my new look. People tell me all the time I look thinner and younger. The best part is I feel that way!

-Sue Simmons

People look at me and tell me often, I almost didn’t recognize you. YOU look amazing! And I immediately have their attention. I’m more believable and reaching more people. Even more amazing, I can handle all the compliments, and take them in. My 15 year old daughter has said recently, ‘Mom, I love the fact that now you have a personality’…and more often she ‘approves’ of how I look, even when it’s not the current fad. Now that’s a miracle!

-Luann Willima


I went to my profession’s bi-annual conference yesterday. My friends haven’t seen me since the last conference and since I have started Dressing Your Truth, boy did I get the attention like I have never received! One after another couldn’t stop mentioning how great I look. I had one friend say specifically as she couldn’t stop staring, “Your make-up just ‘pops!'” I had to silently laugh because what you say about type 1’s is true. I of course told her to go to your website to learn more. Once again Carol Tuttle is right.

-Julie Manley

Thanks for helping me remember my truth!! I walked into the chiropractor today and he kept saying, “Why do you look different? What did you do to your hair?” I smiled. I took your advice and messed my hair up into a random, curly, fun ‘do! My husband told me after I threw out all my black clothes how he loved seeing me in bright colors. Thank-you thank-you!!

-Tiffany Mansfield Christensen


Just this past weekend I had the good fortune to see one of my sisters whom I had not seen in 12 years. When she saw me the first words out of her mouth were, ‘You look so young and pretty!’ You look my same age. She is 50 and in April I will be 62. For the first time in my life I feel pretty, younger, happy, and in charge of me. It feels good.

-Rochelle Beach

I get to look like I actually have a style AND I get the bonus of simplicity which means a lot to me. Now, I do shop for clothes with a purpose and it takes me no time at all and getting dressed for everyday wear or for a special occasion is effortless because all my clothes go together and all I have to do is select a few pieces of jewelry and I’m good to go.

-Donna Flaherty

I never knew exactly what to wear and was self conscious about my looks to begin with. Now I know what works. With my crooked teeth I didn’t feel comfortable wearing lipstick. Now I wear it and look beautiful. My beauty shines even though my teeth need fixing. I think if you ask anyone who has been around me for any length of time they would say I have always been very confident and secure and peaceful, but now I’ve ramped that up 110%. I am bliss and joy and beauty.

-Jackie Fredericks


I am learning so much and it is making such a difference, not just in the way I look, but in the way I feel. I am beginning to find that person inside that was lost so many years ago. But even more than that, it is so worth it just for the relationships that are being developed and healed in our family. Priceless!! Thanks so much for all of your help and support!!

-Connie Cheney

It has given me tools to look my best, accept my leading type qualities, relate to others as I serve my customers in my own business, and, most especially, accept those closest to me in my own family. I love that my relationship with my 14 year-old daughter has improved! She has totally embraced the self-assessment tools and taken a deep look at who God created her to be and is less afraid to honor that now. How beautiful!

-Christiana G.

Dressing Your Truth® has given me a gift – a gift of myself. A gift of knowing myself deeply and my energy type. I now know more fully what drives me. It especially taught me how dressing in my correct energy allows my spirit to come out. It is a new beginning for me.

–Janet Layosa


In taking the class and watching my employees interact, I learned much about their personalities and how best to approach them in the future. The tools I’ve learned will help me in the market place to not only present myself in the best way possible, but to also understand my customers and business associates and approach them in a way that won’t be offensive to them. Better relationships, better business!

-Tevis Laukat, President Cannonball Music

Thank you for this experience! I love the life I am living, and this has added so much to my journey of self discovery. The group of women that were here were exceptional. The transformations were beautiful, and your staff was FABULOUS! Thank you Carol. You continue to bless my life.

-Cristin Drewes



I feel that I understand people SO MUCH better and I feel this great love and appreciation for all of them. Our whole family is having so much fun with the book that the kids have all tried to guess their own types and other people’s types. My sister and I are getting along in a way I always dreamed I would with my sister. For me this really has been a life altering experience and I will always be grateful for that. I am also having an unreal amount of FUN! Thank you all again for your time and energy!

-Cassandra Hafen

I have so enjoyed learning about how to dress my truth for me and my girls. We have had so much fun! I am a 1/4 who originally thought I was a 3. I had been living as a 4 and it was just weighing me down! I just felt old and run down. Now I feel so light and fresh- and my family enjoys having a happier and funner mama! Blessings.


I spent 38 years trying to find myself. Carol and her staff found ME in 4 days. It was amazing!

-Robin Johnson


This was definitely the missing piece I needed to move forward on my path to wholeness.

-Steffi Jo Kern

I just wanted to express my gratitude for you because my life has changed in such a dramatic way.  For the last 2 years I have been reading your books and I have felt myself raise to a new level, my body has shifted and I feel more love for myself and for others. I look at things much differently than I used to.  I am a much better person so I just wanted to thank you for that!


I absolutely LOVE what I’m learning through your course! Shopping was usually excruciating because I wasn’t able to complete a “look” that really appealed to me. Now, at age 68, I’m having a fabulous time shopping, and I’ve already bought lots of new tops, and have even dyed some clothes! This is so much fun – I feel years younger, and now I want to live a long life so that I can really enjoy the new look! Thanks so much!

-Katherine S.

Yes, yes, yes! It all makes sense. It makes sense to be outside who we are inside. I always loved shopping, but now I know what I am doing. No guess work. No waste of money!

-Ima T.

I just went on my first shopping trip after taking the Dressing Your Truth Course. I hated shopping before, took forever and I could never find anything. This time, I was in and out in 45 minutes, it was incredible. And I walked out with leopard prints! Conservative, black-is-safe me? I’m loving this. Thank you Carol.

-Susan C. Tyler

I just came home and found your box waiting for me with two of the most gorgeous necklaces in the world! I melted when I saw them–they were absolutely, perfectly, gloriously right and I KNOW they are unequivocally ME! Thank you, Carol–they are stunning–they feel so right–and I will be ordering more. That’s the most perfect shopping I’ve ever, ever done!

-Betsy Schaback


Shopping for clothes and deciding what clothing brings out my beauty is easy now and I always feel great!

-Stacey J.

I am re-learning to love being me – maybe I’m learning it for the first time. I am understanding more about my personality traits as well as those of other people. I am better able to appreciate the unique gifts we all contribute.

-Lisa M.

After DYT, I am a new woman and still transforming day by day. It feels so freeing to be proud of who I am and understand why I feel and do the things I do. My style is Audrey Hepburn meets Pink and I am honing in my perfect Type 4 style more and more each day as I keep pressing forward. I love DYT!! Thanks!

-Jenna Scaglione


I used to hide behind my hair and clothes. I felt that if I wore the bold items I inwardly loved I would look plain and boring. I therefore wore everything that wasn’t right for me, to look more exciting. Now that I embrace my true Type 4 nature I feel great knowing mankind can see who I really am!

-Eimile Galyean, Type 4


I was not sure who I truly was anymore. I was so busy trying to be and do everything for everyone. I needed to find myself again and feel like myself again. That meant finding someone or something that could show me or help me find my way back to feeling good and looking good because I felt “good in my own skin” again. Then, I found “Dressing Your Truth!” It was exactly what I had been thinking I needed!

-Karalee C.

Now that I have gone through this course, life “flows” better. I am noticed and honored for my softness and stand out far more than I ever thought possible…I AM beautiful, which was something I never realized before. As a teenager, DYT has really changed my life and my relationships, which makes me cry with joy and helps avoid so much high school drama! Thank you, Carol Tuttle.

-Leia Green

I am so grateful for the “shift” I have experienced. I feel more grounded and calm. I can’t believe how much of an impact understanding my (beauty) Type has made in my professional life. In just 3 days I have received clarity and peace in areas I didn’t think were affected by how I dress! Thank you for making my life more meaningful.

–Mindy Buxton

Thank you Carol and team! Who knew you could heal so much with clothes?

-Cheryl Walser

I LOVE it! I’m 53 yrs old and for many years have had a sense of not having the right to live. No purpose, no point (I do volunteer work and have a family, just things weren’t right.) Well, along comes your course (guess I wanted to live enough to spend the money on it, huh?) and just seeing the first article of clothing made me cry….I’m not a crying woman, either. Now I can celebrate all the copper highlights in my hair, which I’ve always loved. How does one give thanks for getting a life back? I feel like the fire inside is beginning to glow. Thank you for the leading out, doing what you do and being your authentic self. You’ve been so instrumental in the transformation of many.

-Nancy Art


What an incredible experience this has been to be a part of such marvelous women, learn from them and feel beautiful, validated, applauded and come away something better. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been life changing, energy lifting and a true gift to anyone who wants to be more.

-Glenda Henthorn

Wow! If you know Carol, she did it again! She has changed my life. I am dynamic; I was wearing clothes that did not support my vibration. Your energy changes, it feels so good to be in your truth, the way God wants us to be. Thank you Carol for sharing your gifts and changing the world.

–Christine Webb

My mind has been broadened from the world’s view of fashion. It is truly about you! I feel like I can now get to know myself. Thank you, Carol and staff!

–Mindy Smith

All my life I have been expected to perform in an energy that was not mine. I admired women that had sophistication and presence. I had not thought that I could be that. I now know that I can be that woman. I will say that this was not an easy process. I had my cry and felt myself struggle with the transformation at first. But as I became more at home in my own skin I see the possibility of what life can be.

–Kalista Watson


Dressing your Truth is amazing. I have my color card, but I hardly use it because anything new I buy, I just make sure it blends with what I am already wearing! I used to hate shopping, but now I love it. I know it is working because I all the compliments that I have been gratefully receiving.

-Amanda Norr



I love the fabulous color card and a style guide that comes with the Dressing your Truth class, it makes my shopping go so much faster. I used to hate shopping, but now I love being able to see at a glance if my Type 2 colors are on the rack. If not, I move on and keep looking.

-Audrey Crozier

I love, love, love it! It has totally changed the way I shop, streamlines it. I still have to ask myself all the questions about the item but hopefully I’ll get better at it. I’ve implemented the Type 3 way of makeup and get lots of compliments!

-Lucy Faoutas

I love how Dressing Your Truth makes me feel. I thought it would be fun, which it was, but I did not expect the change in now I feel on the inside! I love myself more, I am more forgiving of myself, I am more forgiving of others. I love shopping and it is so much fun to look in my closet and see if I can put items together that I haven’t worn together before. I have built my new wardrobe and love everything in my closet!

-Cindy Blackham

I used to worry about my looks a lot and compare myself to others. And I dreaded shopping. Now, I hardly ever think about how I look because I know I look great. And shopping is such a pleasure. I used to NEVER want to go shopping. Now I shop happily on a regular basis.

-Kat Laurents

My life and world has changed because now that I am in touch with who I really am, I have given myself permission to move beyond my comfort zone and dress and even act like me! No more pretending, no more feeling like a fraud deep down. I get compliments every day now and I love the real me. I used to hate shopping but now it is a breeze. I don’t waste my time in styles and colors that don’t work for me. I realized I had been dressing my truth in my home but not my self. Now we match!

-Susan Tyler



  1. Joan
    20 March 14, 7:54am

    I don’t know how it happened but I know DYT is supposed to be a part of my life. It is like the next step in my self awareness. I knew for sure that I am a type 2 but I did not know how to dress my truth. The colors that I choose were too harsh for me and I could not get it right and black was a no go. I refuesed to wear make up and the jewlery was all wrong for me. I bought the DYT cloths before I bought the course. I looked good in the cloths so I bought the course. I changed my hair color using the sugestions in the course no more black hair color and no warm colors. I bought make-up from the DYT store for my type 2ness and I love it. I never wore make-up before it looks so natural not made up at all. I am truly happy with the whole system. Lots of suport for the Team@ DYT they got it right and really help a lot of people!!!

  2. Katie Clark
    27 March 14, 2:51pm

    DYT truly is a capstone to many tumultuous events in my life recently. I have been writing a book about it all, but had yet to find a way to tie all the events together, to really express that foundational touchstone so that my readers could flow along with my story. Then along comes DYT, giving me the final key to unlock all the frustration, depression, and guilt I had been trying to unravel and understand. It has been SUCH a blessing physically, as I always saw myself as the “inferior” sister to two beautiful and very fashionable sisters. I finally found “my” style and felt authentically good in it, not secretly wanting my sisters’ approval for the first time ever (I just knew I looked good because I couldn’t stop smiling!). Emotionally and spiritually, it has meant the world. It’s helped me uncover memories that explained why I came to distrust my Type 1 self, and why I felt so much anxiety and tension in all the super-serious endeavors and life situations I’d come to. Even if troubles cross my path again, I feel like I finally have a deeper sense of security that can’t be shaken. I’d prayed for it always, and this has come through as the final missing piece of the puzzle. I’d found the “what” practicing yoga, but the emotional “why” finally fell into place because of this. Thank you Carol and all your people who help you produce this. It’s the best I’ve felt… I think ever. Thank you!

  3. 23 June 14, 1:10pm

    I’m a psychiatrist! I always felt there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t use a flat iron and wore colorful clothing and hated structured suits. I used to call many of my work clothes my “doctor costume” and take them off the minute I walked into the house at night. I signed up for this course on a whim and I knew I was a Type 1, although I kept fighting it, thinking that I must be a 2 (comfort is key) or a 4 (I am very opinionated). I gave in to the 1 and signed up, but not before seeing the testimonials in which some women cried. I thought to myself, that is ridiculous, how can a choice of clothing make someone cry (forgetting that I cried when my favorite brand new white sweater that is a typical Type 1 garment was stolen a couple of weeks ago!). Anyway, my point is that as I went through the course and understood that my clothing and hair and everything choices, that had always felt right for me but were “wrong” according to the establishment were okay, that I could dress my truth and people would take me MORE seriously, that I did not have to wear a stiff beige or black suit in order to have people listen to me (I work as an expert psychiatrist in court cases all the time and only in the past year or two started wearing a dress with a jacket over it instead of a structured – or fake-structured – suit), that I did not have to have long straight hair in order to look youthful – somehow knowing that I am not an outlier, but just a Type 1, has helped me immensely within a few hours. I am going to go straight upstairs and get rid of a ton of doctor costume clothing that never felt right, and call my hairdresser to give me highlights, and just move on, 30 extra pounds or not. Thank you Carol – what I thought was just a gimmick has actually changed my life.

  4. Melanie D McCoy Masters
    10 October 14, 11:45am

    All I can say is WOW.
    When I first watched the videos I thought I was a Type 4/1, but then something bothered me so I went through them again. Turns out I am a Type 2 with some 4 characteristics. After finishing the course I was thinking about my clothes in my closet and realized that I was already pretty much dressing the correct way. But makeup was a different story. I am 54 years old and have never worn makeup because I always looked “made up.” After watching the makeup portion of my course, after just 2 days of practicing Ann’s tips of blending, I am ecstatic with the way my makeup looks. Even my husband asked me today if I was going somewhere lol. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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