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Styles for Women Over 50:

Essential Hairstyle and Fashion Tips

You can (and should) have fabulous style at 50!

I’m older than fifty and I actually feel more beautiful now than at any other time of my life—and I look more beautiful now, too!

Thousands of women have joined me in creating great style with their hair and clothes that make them look and feel fabulous.

See why they look so good in their over-50 fashion, and how you can, too.

4 Must-Do Tips for Hairstyles Over 50

One of the most important components of fashion for women over 50 is hair. After all, since you wear your hair every day, your hairstyle can be your best, most obvious accessory. Make it count!

Get an Anti-aging Hairstyle

It’s a lie that hair styles for women over 50 have to look old. If you try to “look your age,” you might age yourself prematurely.

When Connie got this youthful haircut, her friends actually asked if she got a facelift! Nope. She just traded her dull, lifeless hair for a style that framed her beautifully. Take years off your appearance with the best hairstyle for your face.

Never Skimp on the Right Hair Products

A great haircut doesn’t make a difference if you never style it.

In this over-50 example, Mary Helen used anti-frizz serum while her hair was still wet, and volumizing mousse to add body. After blowing it out and curling, she used light finishing spray. A subtle change is the difference between a good haircut and actual style.

Consider Hair Color

A hairstyle for a woman over 50 inevitably has to address gray hair. Here, Renee decided to cover up gray with her original color. It doesn’t just make a difference in her hairstyle — see how you can actually see her face better?

There’s nothing wrong with going natural. If you do decide to let your hair go gray, just don’t let it go flat or dull!

Express Your True Self in Your Hairstyle

There are so many hair styles for women over 50. How do you choose one?

By age 50, you know yourself better than you ever have. So choose a hairstyle that expresses the true you. Deborah has a naturally structured personality, so her precise hairstyle is consistent with her inner self. What do you want to share with the world? Express yourself in your hairstyle.

4 Fashion Tips for Dressing Your Best Over 50!

As part of the baby boomer generation, many of us women over 50 grew up thinking we weren’t feminine unless we resembled Twiggy and looked good in miniskirts. What a nightmare.

But things have changed for the better! Finding beautiful clothing styles for women over 50 is now easier—and more fun.

Let Go of Baggy Clothes That Weigh You Down

Cathie looks so fresh and cute in her fitted sunny yellow sweater and crisp top. And bright accessories add just the right amount of sparkle!

Who says that style when you’re over 50 has to be drab and boring?

Stop Hiding Behind Old Clothes

Pam’s true elegance comes out of hiding when she exchanges the loud, plaid print for a soft, cool purple blouse that honors her timeless beauty.

When you’re over 50, wear clothes that honor your ageless spirit and don’t leave you stuck in the past.

Ditch the Black and Look 10 Years Younger

Black clothes are not flattering on every woman—especially women over 50. Evelyn looked much older and even harsh in black. But the rich warm turquoise blouse honors her dynamic feminine features. Choose colors that bring out your best look!

Don't Try to Be Someone You're Not

Once you're over 50, you know yourself pretty well. So wearing clothes that aren't really "you" diminishes your self-confidence.

After honoring her more serious nature, Donna looks more poised and dignified than ever in her striking patterned blouse and bold red statement jewelry.

Age In Style

Your natural beauty is alive and well, even in your 50s, 60s and beyond.
Start following your fashion instincts and learn to bring that beauty out.

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