Why Women Everywhere Have Stopped Wearing Black

Dressing Your Truth

Women everywhere have stopped wearing black. If you Dress Your Truth, you may be one of them.

But if you’ve recently heard about Dressing Your Truth, you might have felt a little shocked when you heard a friend or family member say she got rid of all her black clothes.

What? Give Up Black?

Women seem more attached to black than any other color in their wardrobe. If I told you that pink’s not your color—or yellow, or orange—you might be open to the idea. But black?

Yes. Black.

And I think that idea doesn’t freak women out because black makes them look and feel amazing. It’s because they’ve invested in it.

You’ve spent money on black (what percentage of black fills your closet? 20, 30, 60%?). And you’ve spent time wearing it—because black seems like a safe standby whenever you doubt what to wear.

What’s Wrong With Black?

On the movement scale, black is a very still, bold color.

Great news if you’re a still and bold beauty. But in my ground-breaking Beauty Profiling system, I explain that there are actually 4 different Types of beauty that women express naturally.

What happens when you put black on a woman who doesn’t express a bold, striking quality of beauty? The black stays bold, but the woman wearing it looks drab, overpowered, or harsh.

So, if you’re not a bold, striking woman, what do you do?

Perfect Color Substitutes for Black

Women freak out about ditching the black because they don’t know what to replace it with.

Get rid of all your bright yellow clothes and you might not have a big hole in your wardrobe. But black? You have to fill that hole with something.

So what colors have women everywhere used to fill it up?

It depends on her personal Beauty Profile. There are options for every woman out there. My 4 Types Beauty Panel joins me to show off substitutes for black in every Type!

Watch the video to see how each of us have replaced (or embraced!) the black in our look. And find out which one of us had a wardrobe filled with 90% black clothing, got rid of it when she started Dressing her Truth—and hasn’t looked back!

What do you think about our color substitutes? Can you imagine the women on our panel dressed all in black like Sheryl? There’s no way we’d all look as stunning as she does. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

So, Which Version of Black is Best For You?

I truly believe that every woman wants to look and feel naturally beautiful.

Dressing Your Truth is an empowering, supportive makeover program that helps you look better and feel more confident than ever before. When you start Dressing Your Truth, you’ll actually feel freed and relieved that so many options are available to bring out your natural beauty.

Take the first step toward looking and feeling more amazing than you ever have by discovering your Beauty Profile—for free.

And if you already know your Type of beauty, why wait any longer?…

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. 02 April 12, 12:25pm

    I did not understand why I was always drawn to black until I found Dressing Your Truth.  The day I started understanding my Type 4 nature, I went to my closet and took out everything that was brown – almost half of my wardrobe.  Whenever I was feeling blah or just wanted to recede into the background at work, I always picked out something brown – it made me think of dirt or mud or something – just plain – just wanting to fade away.  I also have reddish brown hair and thought brown would be my best color.  Now I wear black nearly every day and I feel energetic, bold and confident.  I also colored my hair a much more vibrant red and I love the way I look – no more dirt – no more brown.

    • 25 January 14, 6:24pm

      Yes! It is so freeing now that I can stop apologizing and “shoulding” on myself because of my love for black (also Type 4)

    • Julia F
      16 April 14, 11:14am

      Absolutely! I used to try to wear bright colors and actually felt dowdy in them. I would see a clothing display and think, “Look at all the beautiful colors! I want black and charcoal.” Then, “Don’t be silly. Try pink or green. It’s summer.” I’d wear the pink shirt once and feel like a middle-aged housewife. Now I know that I don’t have to be afraid to be my fabulous self in all black, and I don’t have to try to force my hair to curl, either.

  2. AnnHodges
    02 April 12, 9:08pm

    I believe  I am a Type 4; however, I look horrible in black!  I have fair freckled skin that is more Tpe 3 than Type 4.  In the Color Me Beautiful system, i am an autumn and I am drawn to those rich colors.  But now  my hair is turning shimering white after a lifetime of brown with aurburn highlights–a Tpe 4 trait–that no longer really coordinates well with my warm skin tone.  I do wear black pants with more vibrant colored tops but the idea of wearing a black suit fills me with despair.  Maybe I haven’t completely figured out my Type yet.   I’ll keep collecting info and see where it leads me!

    Thanks for offering this program for free.  I am enjoying it immensely.

  3. ju_yen_yen123
    12 April 12, 9:01pm

    Hi Carol,
    This Julie and I a using this column to thank you for your encouraging videos and comments in Dressing Your Truth, as I was unable to send a mail to you without your site.

    I think that I m a Type 2 and I am drawn to choose clothings that are pastel colours.  I like dark colous like navy blue and bluish puple but when I dressed myself in those colours, I really looked horrible and  drap.  I feel that it is because I am fat an to cover my fatness I tend to wear vey loose clothings.  Am I doing the wrong thing?  

    • Angela D
      26 October 14, 1:06pm

      Loose clothing when you’re overweight only draws attention to what you’re trying to hide. If instead you wear things that fit you well, even if you are overweight, you will look great simply because the clothing fits, which flatters.

  4. 04 June 12, 8:45pm

    I LOVE watching you ladies!! You are all so REAL and I think we should hang out sometime. :) haha. but seriously.

     I am enjoying all the videos you send me and all the tips….I cant believe you keep sending me more and more valuable information! Thanks from a real woman to another very real and wonderful woman!

    Stay cool Carol :) xoxo    Em

  5. Kitty Frank
    18 June 12, 2:08pm

    I gave up black in July 2010 – thanks to Carol’s videos and blog!  What a huge change for me!  I am a type 1 and I had wasted years, hours and dollars trying to look corporate-appropriate and competent by using black basics.  It just never worked – I never felt pulled together so I kept buying more.  What a depressing time.   

    I wrote on my blog http://www.flinthillskittykitty.com about the instant change that happened the day I randomly decided to “go all type one with it”.  I pulled everything black out of my closet to see what would happen.  The more I pulled, the happier I became.  It was like a weight being lifted.  Thank you, Carol!

  6. liveyourtruth
    28 January 13, 6:23pm

    Hello Irma,

    Dressing Your Truth is different then Color Me Beautiful as it is based on a person’s natural energy and not a color system. Color is only one of the 5-elements of Carol’s Beauty Profiling system. To learn about the four Types of beauty, you can sign up for the free online Beauty Profiling course at http://www.dyt.liveyourtruth.com/freecourse.

  7. 30 January 13, 6:56am

    I so wish this was the truth in France! There is black everywhere and it’s very difficult to wean them off it!!

    • Andrea Gerak
      01 March 14, 7:49am

      Just like in Sweden (even small girls, babies, horrible!), Germany, Austria, Czech Republic… Most of the ladies look sick, tired and old in it. .

  8. Emily Carter
    10 July 13, 11:36pm

    Haha! I am a type 1 and 80% of my wardrobe was black! Another 10 % was type 2 clothes. Um, that left 10% of my wardrobe with a 1/3 combo. Yikes! I really gave away all my black almost immediately, except socks (I haven’t replaced those yet because I’ve been busy having fun buying everything else). My type 4 friend was quite happy with my awesome winter jackets that I just purchased this last season :( Sad day, but not really. I have been liberated & I don’t miss black at all. I rock brown now!

  9. [email protected]
    23 July 13, 10:02am

    sabrina type 3 I put all my blacks in a washer with one gallon of bleach and let it sit overnight…I got the most amazing browns and purples /yellows/reds.. did the same with the pinks/reds/black to get type 3 color and it was great

    • Bonnie Dahlin Schober
      18 November 13, 10:12am

      even synthetics? I guess natural fabric content would be closer to white

  10. Amy Beth O'Brien
    06 September 13, 10:58am

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE this program! I was told not to wear black because of my haircolor, so I’ve avoided black tops. That said, I always gravitate toward black pants and skirts, and I have a black dress that I went ahead and wore anyway to an event and got compliments galore. I’m a Type 4, and this program has liberated me. I love shopping again. I no longer feel apologetic for wanting to wear bold, striking clothes. I always felt like I had to somehow tone myself down, but not anymore. THANK YOU so much for sharing this with the world. I’m telling all my friends about it.

  11. Bonnie Dahlin Schober
    18 November 13, 10:10am

    i am not an expert by any means. But I would say – try one on and see how you look and how you feel in it. Be sure and choose a fabric you like and something you like the style and look of, then try in black. And then brown – give each a good chance in different lights and then decide which you like best (if you can be free of the old mindset enough that is, with a curious or thoughtful open mind).

  12. Rose Waugh
    01 February 14, 11:22am

    I’ve only just finished the free course. I think I’m a type 2/4 combination. I have only 3 black items in my wardrobe and I bought them because they are soft textured and comfortable to wear. I rarely wear black alone. I usually pair it with a softer colour, such as a pale blue ( blue is my favourite colour) scarf or a teal jacket. My “go to colour” has never been black, it’s always been blue or sometimes even green.

  13. Andrea Gerak
    15 February 14, 10:47am

    Hi, can it be that someone has a mix of Type 1 AND 4, the two ends of the scale? On one hand, I am the one who is always bringing the sunshine to others, always smiling, my mind is full of ideas and all over the places all the time, the carefree artist girl jumping around on the clouds etc, – and on the other hand I am the striking beauty on the stage :), the opinion leader that even men are listening to, and looking stunning in black!
    How can one be these two Types in the same time?

    • Andrea Gerak
      01 March 14, 11:28am

      Hello again, Carol, Support or Anyone who is more experienced in Energy Profiling :-) As I am not the only one with this question, maybe someone can give us a little explanation about it? Thanks in advance!

    • Lynda
      04 March 14, 11:53am

      I am a Type 1 who has been functioning as a Type 4. Carol says that facial features and movement are the deciding factors. Do you talk with your hands? Are you naturally cheerful? Type 1. More sarcastic and still, Type 4. By process of elimination, I knew I was not a Type 3 or 2. So I started dressing head-to-toe as a Type 1 (very hard as I am conditioned by magazines not to go for anything “juvenile”), just to see what would happen. I mixed and match my light and bright colors, let my hair curl, glitter nail polish, dangly heart bracelet, etc. Life is wonderful! I love everything in my closet now. People talk to me wherever I go (and I like that, as a true Type 1). I still have the perfection of Type 4 that I can pull out when I need to, but I feel light and fresh, I’m relaxed and don’t worry about what I say in social situations because I am being myself now and I am speaking the TRUTH. My insides match my outsides.

      • Andrea Gerak
        06 March 14, 8:46am

        Thank you Lynda. Great to hear that you have found what’s working for you the best!
        I am definitely a Type 1, that’s why I was confused a bit about black. It’s really awesome for me – but then, I haven’t tried yet the black substitutes for T1.

    • Lynda
      04 March 14, 10:22pm

      Type 1s can assume the role of the striking beauty on stage, and be bossy too because they can mold themselves to many situations – but it will be exhausting. Type 4s are an introverted energy that would seem forced when they try to be bubbly. Just focus on experimenting with and determining your dominant type, and the secondary will present itself later.

      • Andrea Gerak
        06 March 14, 8:40am

        Thank you so much Lynda, for your other comment as well! Now it is much more clear to me what it means to have a secondary type.

    • Angela D
      26 October 14, 1:08pm

      I’m a 4/1 too. Fun, like decorating, but often am very black-and-white in my view of things. I find that dressing too much like a 1 makes me feel juvenile, but too much like a 4 makes me feel boring, so I do both and it works. Different cuts and textures can really make or break something.

      • Andrea Gerak
        28 October 14, 7:01am

        Hi Angela, thanks for replying. I am the other end of the spectrum, 1/4 :-) I had been wearing LOTS of black and indeed I looked great in it but thanks to this post from Carol, I revised it and voila! I definitely look so much better in navy blue or dark grey. Even chocolate brown, although generally I find brownish colors way too boring.
        And indeed, now when I am wearing the rest of my black garments I have not gotten rid of yet, I do feel more tired and heavy. This picture with the black blouse on here was taken before starting to dress my Type 1.

  14. 16 September 14, 4:23pm

    […] article Why Women Everywhere Have Stopped Wearing Black by Carol Tuttle states that every women should throw out any black clothing. Why would we do this, […]

  15. Laura
    14 October 14, 4:36pm

    I’m brand new to DYT- and yesterday I took 6 big bags and 2 full boxes of black clothes to a consignment shop. I thought I would never recover. Today- after hiding my wavy crazy hair behind a flat iron for 18 years- I wore it naturally curly/wavy to school. I teach high school. I worried about the comments- how other teachers would see me, how my students would see me. In my first period class a black boy with an African-native shirt on told me I looked very nice today. It was the first time he had ever made a personal comment to me. More comments followed throughout the day- including a boy in my last class that said I had great hair for naturally curly. I couldn’t believe it. I feel like I’m stepping out of the person I was and looking for the real me.

  16. Denise Groulx
    11 August 15, 7:41am

    Frankly, I thought black was doing great for me, even pure white. (I’m a type 3). As I’m new to Dressing your truth, I will have to let this sink in. Thanks.

    • LYT_Support
      11 August 15, 5:16pm

      Take all the time you need, Denise!

  17. Jackie
    15 October 15, 11:36am

    Right… I see myself as a type 1 with 3 and 4 tendencies. Before I came across your information I had already rid my wardrobe of black as I knew it didn’t do me any favours. I’m a navy girl and am delighted that this colour is back in vogue. I felt overjoyed when the black clothes left my house and will never purchase anything black again. Than you for sharing your stories. I love viewing them and reflecting on you’re lessons. Jackie from Christchurch New Zealand.

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