The Real Reason You Have a Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear

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Women hate it. Men everywhere are baffled by it. You’ve probably lived it…

It’s that moment when you stand in front of your closet and say, “I have nothing to wear!”

Your closet is full, so it doesn’t make sense. But how many dollars have you invested in clothes or accessories that you bought… but don’t even like now?

Our research shows that the average woman fills her closet with $6,000 to $10,000 worth of clothes, accessories, and makeup she doesn’t love and doesn’t use.

But why do we women waste so much money—even when we’re trying to be frugal?

Why would we spend so much money on clothes we don’t love?

Buying clothes that you end up not loving or even liking has everything to do with your natural tendencies and preferences. Do you prefer to shop alone or with friends? Do you buy things on a whim or do you plan out your purchases?

Those preferences say a lot about you, and will help you discover the real reason you fill your closet with things you don’t love.

Your shopping habits are just one indicator of your Type of beauty in my ground-breaking Beauty Profiling system. When you discover your Beauty Profile, you learn your natural movement and gifts—and even the reason behind your shopping tendencies.

Watch the video and read below to begin to understand yourself better by assessing yourself through the way you look at your closet and your shopping experience…

Like I said in the video, your true nature shows up in everything you do, even in your shopping tendencies! My Beauty Profiling system will help you understand that there is no one “right” way to shop or express your true nature.

And there is not one “right” type of beauty! Beauty Profiling honors every woman’s beauty.  When you learn how to Dress Your Truth according to your Beauty Profile, you tap in to your beauty sixth sense. That beauty sixth sense helps you shop true to your Type of beauty to create a closet full of clothes you love, and stop buying things that are just not right for you!

Do you know why you fill your closet with things you don’t love? Let’s look at the shopping tendencies that I talk about in the video of the 4 Types of Beauty in my Beauty Profiling system:

  • A bright, animated Type 1 woman

    wants shopping to be a social experience, and loves trying things that look new and fun. She can let that turn into a challenge if she doesn’t buy items that work together or she gives her power of decision away to the person shopping with her.

  • A soft, subtle Type 2 woman

    wants to feel comfortable, both in her clothes and interactions. She can let feelings of guilt or obligation toward the sales clerk who helped her get in the way of choosing what she really wants. Her closet can be full of clothes she’s embarrassed to take back.

  • A rich, dynamic Type 3 woman

    is a practical, no-nonsense shopper who loves sales. That can get the best of her if she shops too fast to try things on or buys items just because they’re such a good deal. Do you have shirt hanging in your closet that you bought in every color?

  • A bold, striking Type 4 woman

    enjoys simplicity but also doesn’t want to look like everyone else. She can sometimes end up believing that her bold look that everyone admires is actually too basic or simple. If she tries to switch it up too much, she can end up with pieces she doesn’t like.

Which tendencies describe you best? Would you like to improve your experience?

When you know your personal Beauty Profile, you learn your tendencies and how to work with them to create successful shopping experiences every time. When you start Dressing Your Truth, you know which clothes best honor your natural beauty—and you never stand in front of your closet saying you have nothing to wear.

My closet is filled with clothes and accessories that I love. Your closet can be, too!

Stop wasting money. And start Dressing (and shopping!) Your Truth. Find out how you can change the I-have-nothing-to-wear experience with your closet right now by taking my 3-Minute Beauty Confidence Quiz.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. 03 October 11, 5:15pm

    I see my type 2ness in the description of what drives my fashion purchases.
    This is helpful in avoiding future mistakes. Thank you!

  2. 15 June 12, 9:44am

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  3. 05 August 12, 2:09am

    Another video that makes me laugh, especially because I was looking at Sarah, thinking,” I like her look, maybe I should do THAT!”  Now, I am conflicted between type 1 and type 3, but I found this to be a hilarious version of what goes on in my head.

    • 12 May 14, 8:41am

      I am so with you. I thought for sure I was type 3 but in the later part of the tests I am a type 1.

      • UkuleleGirl
        13 May 14, 8:54am

        Janet, go with your movement through the world….the way you sit, stand, cross your legs, walk, etc. Use more of your facial profiling and less personality things. T1 is probably my secondary, and developed to help me cope in childhood. You’ll know. Good luck!

  4. Brittany Hefner
    07 August 12, 11:14am

    I love how unique all the information you provide is! Definitely a unique program you have Carol!!

  5. 24 January 13, 12:24pm

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  6. Koreafornian
    12 January 14, 7:59pm

    I’m a redheaded type 3 w/ some type 4 and after going through all of this, I’m breathing a sigh of relief that I’m type 3 dominant b/c I look at the color palates of the other types and I don’t know how a redhead who is a dominant type 1, 2 or 4 could find clothes flattering to her skin/hair.

  7. Liisu
    24 March 14, 3:14pm

    Now I feel I am the weirdo here because I am the one who usually doesn’t like shopping and exercising in shops because these are full of senseless stuff that is overestimated 😀 And yes I try to avoid salespersons who stare at your every move, it feels like they read your mind when you’re thinking what to try or just want to have an overview what’s in the shop. I prefer online shopping that is comfortable (Type 2? :) ) and I respect secondhand shops for the reuse of clothes that seems reasonable to me. I also think my behaviour is affected by some beliefs that were created in my teenage when my family didn’t have money to buy me clothes what I wanted or even needed. I have got so much stuff from my relatives or I have even made some clothes for myself. That “saving” changed quite much when I met my husband who were somehow free and I had a feeling with him I was worth more..wirth to have nice I learned to allow myself to have them more. :)) I still don’t see any point in wasting too much on too many clothes but I guess it is because I see or feel people waste on things that don’t fit them or they don’t wear them and it disturbs me somehow. In this meaning I am practical. I guess I have nothing against spending money on clothes that help us to bring out our natural beauty and that will not stay in our closets without any use. :) I feel attracted to Type 4 clothing but not every color of it, just some that I feel comfortable with and feminine. In this way I want to be unique and feminine. Even mystique. :) I haven’t followed fashion, I prefer to put all items together myself. No matter if the outlook is the last fashion boom or not.

  8. Sera Watson
    10 June 14, 7:09am

    After seeing the above video and reading this, I am beginning to wonder if I’m not a Type 4! Initially I thought I was probably primarily a 2, with some 3 mixed in (interior decorating). I tend to comfortably wear simple things, and really prefer well-fitting, classic styles. I love the bold jewelry I see others wear, but I just can’t wear it myself as it takes over and I get lost in it. I can see others’ primary traits and hope I will be able to learn more about me!

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