See For Yourself What Dressing Your Truth is Doing For Women Everywhere

Our Before and Afters say much more than anyone could ever tell you about Dressing Your Truth.

The most amazing part about these photos? Most of these women did their makeovers themselves. That makes these before and afters real, something these woman can live with and apply everyday. Dressing Your Truth’s easy-to-use, online program gives women everywhere the tools to create their own beautiful look every single day. It’s a do-it-yourself makeover better than anything out there.

We want you to look in the mirror and know that you are beautiful. Check out these amazing Before and After photos and get started on your own Dressing Your Truth journey today!

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Leanne – Type 1
Connie – Type 1

Anita – Type 1
Cheryl – Type 1

Kelli – Type 1
Carolyn – Type 1



Lori – Type 2
Rebecca – Type 2

Jennifer – Type 2
Tina – Type 2

Jenny – Type 2
Mary Helen – Type 2



Evelyn – Type 3
Ashley – Type 3

Jerelyn – Type 3
Judy – Type 3

Renee – Type 3
Charlotte – Type 3



Deborah – Type 4
Serena – Type 4

Melanie – Type 4
Jennifer – Type 4

Julie – Type 4
Melissa – Type 4


  1. Anonymous
    22 December 11, 11:57pm

    Holy cow – let’s DO this!! I just discovered this link on Carol’s brilliant site – I’ll be IN!

  2. 30 August 12, 1:42pm

    I love how beautiful all these ladies look. I still can’t decide if I am a 2 or 3 but maybe one day I will be able to figure it out.

  3. Crystal T4
    18 September 12, 7:21am

    I can totally relate to Jennifer T4.. thanks for putting this out there. I NEEDED it!

  4. Roserobin
    11 November 12, 9:56am

    I’m still not sure if I’m a 2 with a strong secondary 1 or vice-versa…I’ll keep trying

    • 24 January 13, 2:52pm

      I feel the same way.  Did you ever figure it out?

      • Bonnie Dahlin Schober
        27 November 13, 4:24pm

        as below I feel the scale weighs a little heavier on 2, but I am not as gentle as a 2, or as soft. So waiting to hear from support. I needed something afford more and finally decided to plunge and purchase and will get their help to decide. Will report. but I emailed after finishing the free course and missed the 97 which is a huge price for me, but finally realized I needed help to get it figured out (and to feel better about my appearance at the age of 59 in wheelchair) so took their new offer today.

    • Kimberly Ellis
      13 August 13, 1:55pm

      Same here!!! Maybe they need a 1.5 category!!

    • Bonnie Dahlin Schober
      27 November 13, 4:20pm

      me too like half and half but with a trait or two from 3 or 4, not sure if blunt or pushy is better descriptive for that bit.

  5. 14 November 12, 4:06pm

    I just came back to the site and saw some of the new testimonials and I know Charlotte!  She is a friend of a few friends and I subscribe to her blog!  I remember seeing some of her photos and thought “Wow, she looks amazing”, now I know why!  I have been DYT for 30 days now as a Type 1 and every day I get more confirmation.  I tell EVERYONE who will listen, there are a lot of Walmart workers with this web address!  And YES, with my color card I can now successfully shop at Walmart for clothes and jewelry as filler outfits and no one would guess it is put together so well.  Thank you Carol, I wish you had come into my life 20 years ago!  I am sure you are wishing the same lol  I could go ON and ON as a Type 1 can do, but I’ll stop here.  Best investment of the decade DRESSING YOUR TRUTH!  BTW I also bought the Child Whisperer :)

    • Bonnie Dahlin Schober
      27 November 13, 4:17pm

      nothing wrong with Walmart, just does not wear quite as long.

  6. beti1948
    01 January 13, 1:09pm

    I appreciate that the Before photos aren’t so awful.  So often Before photos are no makeup, droopy, slumped shoulders, poor lighting.  The Afters do have better lighting but it doesn’t look like someone went out of their way to make the Befores look so terrible.  

  7. 21 February 13, 4:38pm

    I think it’s interesting that the women who seem to struggle with knowing their true type are contemplating being Type 2.  Carol says that it’s always the Type 2 beauties who can’t decide where they fit.  I’m in the same boat.  In my heart I believe I’m a 2, I just need to jump in and make this work!  Let’s all jump in!!!

    • Nikki
      24 November 13, 4:19pm

      Lori I feel the same. I’ve always dressed as a type 4 due to my dark hair, but now I realise I’m a two. One week in and I’m at the depressing ‘chuck everything out of the wardrobe and just end up with gray’ stage. BUT I bought a few cheap tops, skirts and jewellery in my type and people at work have said how great I look! I’ve even been sharing the book around, so I’m going to keep going!

      • Bonnie Dahlin Schober
        27 November 13, 4:15pm

        i searched their online clothing, finding other colors! ah the blue green, brown, navy, pinks, and more.

      • Jenni C
        02 July 14, 5:53pm

        You can try bleaching or dyeing your old clothes too! If the line is right but the color is off, and you’re just going to get rid of it anyway, may as well give it a try. :)

    • Bonnie Dahlin Schober
      27 November 13, 4:12pm

      ah – i feel 2 although strong 1 also – oh the dilemma though will wait for help from support before deciding.

    • Jill English Johnston
      05 February 14, 8:34am

      Struggling also. Like you, my heart says type 2, but my hands and body shape say type 3. I feel as if my personality evenly covers traits from both and lacks traits from both. I’m not very compassionate towards others but I’m definitely not bossy. I’ve purchased a couple type 2 outfits to see how they work. Comfort is always at the top of my list, so I really like the feel of the outfits. It hasn’t even been a month so I guess I can give it some time.

  8. 22 February 13, 2:23pm


  9. Diane
    04 June 13, 6:43pm

    The transformations are AMAZING!! I’m a Type 1 body, but a Type 2 personality (piles of paper, comfort and thinking ahead when meeting someone) so I’m confused, too, although I love the colors of Type 1…

  10. Karen Trainor
    19 June 13, 2:22pm

    I think I was a type 1 in childhood and switched into type 2 to please those around me. Is that possible? As an older adult, I feel more free to be bubbly, animated, laugh freely and talk with my hands (to the chagrin of my teenage children). I still have some fear about dressing and expressing type 1, for fear that people will think I’m “too much.”

    • Regan Brianne Guerra
      05 September 13, 9:01am

      I’m in the same boat. Except I’m a seriously suppressed Type 3. Watching movies with pretty, delicate princesses, listening to people telling me to stop being so pushy, etc caused me to shut that part of me up for decades. (Being in my early twenties, that’s saying something) My internal dialogue is so Type 3 that I have to laugh. I feel your fear, too. I don’t want to be pushy, but I do want to get stuff done. Good luck to the both of us, huh? :)

    • Kate Whorlow
      13 February 15, 8:38pm

      That is exactly like me! My mum said that as a toddler I was really outgoing and bubbly and danced a lot and always smiling 😀 (Type 1) but then when my sister was born I withdrew into myself and ended up more serious and shy and quiet (more Type 2) but even though I have lived like a Type 2 for the past 35+ years I always dreamt of singing, being on stage, being able to play more and laugh more – totally get where you are coming from about pleasing those around me, as the eldest I was always expected to ‘set an example’ to my younger siblings and to be the responsible one, never being seen as silly or even allowed to act my age. I will be 40 this year and finally I feel I am free to be exactly who I believe I really am – which is a Type 1! 😀 I do have a lot of Type 2 tendencies too though, like my clothes have to feel comfortable and soft, and my desk is full of piles of things 😀

    • woos
      13 March 15, 2:12am

      I think im a type 1, who also ended up behaving like a type 2. im very new to this so im still not sure. but I sympathize with every thing you’ve said. I had fun yesterday just giving myself permission to be happy again. I love comfy relaxed clothes, not too much bling, cant stand being strussed up like a chicken. the whole type 2 thing had me feeling so calm I was practically comatose. (and gained 6stone) but hate confrontation. I have a knack of saying the wrong thing and hate upsetting people. I guess I’ve been trying to calm me down a bit and get me under control. my mother, sister and son are type 4s.

  11. Brooke
    07 August 13, 9:35am

    I don’t see any 4s with curly hair after! Can we get some good examples of naturally curly T4 hair, please?

    • Mandi
      10 February 15, 8:22pm

      Me too,I’m a type 4 and all the afters have straightened their curl.It looks awful on me straight.

    • 30 May 15, 10:01am

      I agree! The naturally curly haired 4s are definitely under represented. I am not going to straighten my hair. I love my hair. But I am a 4

  12. Dee Joyce
    13 August 13, 10:50am

    I haven’t read anything yet, but I am in such need of help. It’s pretty sad really.. I have no idea of where to start! All of these women are beautiful.. I have always felt that our external appearance shouldn’t matter and I never judge another by that… With that said, as I have gotten older, I have lost my looks.. But find that being in the aesthetic field, people look to you for help. I can’t even help myself! Some day, I will Find my own natural beauty perhaps….wear the right clothes for me instead of wearing what was cheap… And have the right hair style for me. This time of life I am needing all the help I can get! It’s sad… I never worried before, but now I want to, very much. The transformations are remarkable! I hope to be one of these one day!

    • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
      13 August 13, 12:44pm

      Hi Dee, thank you for sharing! Please visit for a fabulous resource to assist you in determining your Type.

    • Daisy Levana
      14 October 13, 1:38am

      It is about
      you, the total you. I dressed and acted like Type 1 for years and I found
      myself totally exhausted; I was totally lost in a high energy {hot pink, highly
      bleached blonde) chaotic world. I have
      read Carol’s books (at x7) and when I got alone and searched deeply within and
      Type 2 is me. I discovered that Type1 was not energizing me it was stressing me
      out… I stopped bleaching my hair and my natural curls came back. My husband
      (26 years) always chastised me as being oversensitive, an overachiever and wishy-washy.
      I proudly responded. Yes I am .I needed more details to make an informed
      decision. It was a most unexpected surprise when he complimented me on my
      thoroughness. It took courage for me to live in my truth, but once I found it,
      it was if I have breathed for the first time

      Dee, you have not lost your looks they are
      simply buried. Loving your truth and dressing your truth will uncover the
      beauty that is there

  13. Elizabeth OConnor
    16 August 13, 12:47pm

    These before and afters are very inspiring and motivating! I love pictures of real people who have made real changes that I can relate to. Some of them are so dramatic, and others more subtle, but all are encouraging.

    I’m just getting started with DYT. Even as I wait for my materials to arrive I have been combing the website and watching endless videos!So I’m thinking I”m a type 3, and though I could read through all this stuff again (or wait for my book…lol) I think I will just start living a month as a 3 and see where that leads. It’s amazing how much 3 stuff I already have in my closet….along with a gazillion other items that don’t work, but I’ve downloaded the dye guide and will be dying a few things that I might otherwise just give away. They are just too bright and I’m not wearing them. Doing this on the cheap in case at the end of 30 days I think I might be a 2 or a 1…..but I don’t think I’m fun enough to be a 1….

    I know this goes deeper than the clothes, With the right focus and intention behind the process, I think there can be some very broad sweeping changes that can take place on the inside as well as the outside. I’m finding the resources to be very supportive. My only regret? That I don’t live in Utah so I could go to the center and salon…I’m so ready to do something with this hair!

    Real women, a lot of them over 50, just like me! Hooray!

  14. Bonnie Dahlin Schober
    22 November 13, 1:08pm

    seems we are all dominant in one type with another less dominant type to confuse! seems I am type 1 but pushy is definitely part of me and a little soft-spoken too, and planning. Long ago I did Beauty for All Seasons color palette, and I love color. It made shopping much easier for color but style trial and error. I am so tight with $ out of necessity but hard to figure out myself. oh dear

  15. Bonnie Dahlin Schober
    22 November 13, 1:10pm

    ps now that I am in wheelchair with protruding tummy my shape has changed so drastically I have to learn all over again what works.

  16. Bonnie Dahlin Schober
    26 November 13, 6:45pm

    i am becoming more comfortable and more sure dominant personality and clothes best is 2, though wardrobe lacks very much. Good thing i like ruffles!

  17. Cindy Levana Peterson
    27 November 13, 10:38am

    I wish I could get a full clothing , make up and
    Hair makeover. I would love to know what make up brings out my eyes and forever I struggle with what lip stick looks good… I just turned 50 and struggle with clothing . What should I wear to fix this or that problem. Like a personal shopper consultant would be so awesome!: I do my best with what I have.. I am proud of myself for losing weight and working out.. My heaviest was 163 now I am 136 and have 4 more lbs to go! After Breast cancer I lost myself and became depressed losing my breast. Finally 8 years later I got reconsruction .. So glad I did it. Now to get the rest of myself figured out!’

    • Jenni C
      02 July 14, 6:00pm

      Good for you! That is a lot to overcome!

  18. Dee
    25 December 13, 1:06pm

    I think I have type 2 energy and type 1 body. Do I dress my energy or my body? Yikes!

  19. Nancy Niemi
    07 January 14, 6:25pm

    i just have to wait till i have 100 dollars,hopefully that will be by january 10th , cause thats my deadline.i want to this so badly, but i just cant right now not with 2 kids in cillege and 2 more in high school!!!!! argh , im going to try , i wish there wasnt a time limit , are doing the mini course which is free i amm begining to be able to profile my family. that is beginning to help me understand all their personalities and why they react to each other the way they doi thank you so much for that.

    • Candy1956
      15 January 14, 12:42am

      I just got the program for 3 payments of $33. I just made my second payment so this option may still be available. Good luck!

  20. Nancy Niemi
    07 January 14, 6:30pm

    this type 2 with undertones of type 1 thanks you from the bottom of my heart, ihope to be able to continue your course and pass it on to my 2 daughters 2 sons and amazingly type 3 (i believe) husband , i really think it could benefit all of themt hank you again

  21. Victoria
    22 January 14, 4:43pm

    I used to and still do sometimes try so hard to be a type 1, afraid of judgement, Rather then just being myself which is a type 2, This has definitely helped me to embrace myself for who I am.

  22. Darlene Minnick
    15 February 14, 4:44pm

    Fix me,now that is a real chore!

  23. Ellen
    12 March 14, 3:57pm

    I’m type 2 and back in the eighties I went to a BeauyiControl party. I found out I was a winter which is very clear, vibrant colors. I’ve been choosing my clothes by that criteria since. Before that, I was naturally drawn toward romantic, muted and soft colors. I am convinced, however, that the winter colors compliment my skin tone better. Is there a way to use the more vibrant colors and maybe implement them into the type two styling?

    • Linda Putz
      26 March 14, 5:06pm

      I too was a winter and wore those colors . My hair was very dark but today with all my gray I color it in lighter browns . I bought a couple outfits in the 2 colors and like them in the dressing room so we will see .

  24. Jenny McIntee
    13 March 14, 4:31am

    well I’ve watched 5 videos and each one gives me a different answer, making me all 4 equally :-(

    • Souna Naqvi
      18 November 14, 11:34am

      You could just go down each list, circling spot words and the one or two lists that have the most spot words, those may be your primary or secondary types. That should narrow it down for you. Plus you gotta make sure you’re using spot words for you’re actual personality and not what you want others to see. I used spot words that describe things I’ve already done in life versus words that would describe things I hope to do in the future.

  25. Nomad Janet
    09 April 14, 6:42pm

    I would like to do the course but I am a little broke. Anyway doing the free stuff and reading the book I think I am a 3 with a little 4 thrown in, is that an unusual combination?

    • Jenni C
      02 July 14, 6:09pm

      LOL That’s what Carol is!

    • Tina Carter
      02 July 14, 8:58pm

      i’m just starting out (haven’t received my book yet) but I think I might be a 3/4 as well. I have some reading to do.

  26. Sally Hoffman
    26 May 14, 6:09pm

    I’m going on 70 next month and need to get out of this “black clothes” routine:O)

  27. Rachel
    28 May 14, 3:14pm

    Remember ladies that you have all 4 types in you. They simply vary in strength. You will relate to the descriptions of each body type, but one will be the dominant. If you are torn between two types, determine which type comes out when you are meeting new people, getting angry, or are in an unfamiliar environment. That is your dominant type, and the other is your secondary type, and you must balance them both to truly honor yourself.

  28. Jan
    12 June 14, 9:06am

    One way to help find your type is to picture yourself having lunch at a table of 10 ladies, all Type 1’s, or all Type 2’s, etc. At which table would you find yourself fitting in, and joining in the conversation? As a Type 2, I’d never get a word in edgewise at the Type 1 table, and I’d be exhausted at the Type 3 table. The Type 4’s would be noticing each other’s clothes and hair instead of talking. I’d feel most “comfortable” with other Type 2’s, and we’d all be distracted by the noise coming from the 1 and 3 tables! haha

    • Darla
      02 January 15, 6:49pm

      I am a Type 2 and laughing all the way through your comment!! Same here :)

  29. Jen
    23 June 14, 12:02pm

    I think everyone secretly wants to be a Type 2 😉

  30. Min
    26 June 14, 7:05pm

    Wow. I have looked through the clothing section for each type and I am starting to wonder if i am a 4/1 not a 1/4. Type4’s on this page are the style I would choose for myself first. When I see it I’m like ohhhh finally. I did some study in my previous home town (Dunedin, NewZealand) and learned a different system of 4 Natures (Feeling, Visual, Knowing, Audial) these also make sense but ‘movement’ is what resonates most strongly with me, and indeed, stillness for a Type 4 -once I have my stillness my excitement and action comes forth. I prefer simpler clothing with a strong pop of colour, usually an accessory that I can switch up to suit my day. All this information has been really fun and easy to learn. I am preparing to read the books. Thank you Carol Tuttle for sending out all this info to the world :)

    • Jenni C
      02 July 14, 6:07pm

      I am a 4/1 also! I’m a homeschooling mom in a California beach town, so a t-shirt and jeans are my everyday wear. I am looking forward to sprucing up my wardrobe with some bold T4 colored tops! And then for the cold seasons I think it will be the simple black or white background with a pop of color in my scarf or sweater. :)

  31. Angela Rose Casper Hernandez
    13 July 14, 8:01pm

    I’ve discovered after re-reading the course that I fit more into the type 1 dominant with type 2 secondary. I went back to my early years like Carol suggested and then it clicked. I love to doodle hearts, etc. I am very animated when I speak. I also love to make piles, I love comfort and I can recall people I met from years back.

    • Karen Spencer
      15 October 14, 8:03am

      I found the same thing Angela. I doodle flowers, hearts, curlicues, rainbows and all sorts of random stuff. When people think I’m disconnecting, it’s usually because I’m making plans in my head …. LOL. I’m organized in a very unorganized and random fashion. I also love comfort, which for me, comes from bright fun, vibrant colors. I love any color that has that sun washed look to it. I love sunny colors. 😀

  32. Eliava
    16 July 14, 10:24pm

    I’m confused. I realize that I have the body type of a 1, love all the color although i think I like jewel tones/cool tones and black better on me but I’m not sure I fit the whole type one profile. I can see myself in at least 3 of the types but definately not type 2. I do smile readily, am friendly and can be animated at times but I am also very quiet and self isolating. I don’t like to draw attention to myself, don’t like to be the center of attention, yet I am attracted to color and sparkle/bling. Maybe I just don’t have the confidence to be truly me.

  33. Donna
    18 July 14, 11:55pm

    I have always worked in textiles, so I wore jeans and t-shirts. I have never been a shopper. I raised kids and bought new clothes for them yearly, but not for myself. Now, I am single, live alone, have myself to take care of. I still don’t care for shopping. I wear jeans to church, don’t work anymore, on disability, so I have no reason to have dress up clothes. I would just be happy in lounging pants and a pull on shirt. I have naturally curly hair, HATE it short, will never cut it short. I do layer it, cut it myself and color it myself. I guess I have no reason to pay to learn anymore about myself. I will continue to wear what I like, the colors I like and be happy.

  34. Lisa Corn
    12 September 14, 5:23pm

    I watched the same videos and Carol made the answers to your confusions very clear in addition to how you respond to the types as you watch. She even covers the exact questions you all are asking in the various videos… You just have to pay attention.

  35. holly
    18 September 14, 2:32pm

    I think I am a type 4 with secondary type 2. I had no idea there was a catergory for me besides the negative “annoyingly blunt and snobby perfectionist.” The “I am my own authority” statement really sealed it for me. That is SO me. She really has this down! Now I understand my favorite clothes. This is nice.

  36. holly
    18 September 14, 2:33pm

    I would like to know about type fours with curly hair too.

  37. Karen Spencer
    12 October 14, 4:46pm

    I’m embracing my 1ness. As a little girl, I was always told I was bright and bubbly, and by some to settle down and that I was too flighty. I became very demure over the years, and dressed in subdued colors that just don’t match my personality. Just about everything about me is random …. LOL. I have a circle tipped nose, and I also have laugh lines. Even my hair is random …. LOL. If my hair is cut short, it’s horribly straight, which I hate with a passion. As my hair gets longer it goes from straight, to gentle waves, to random crazy curls. I love my hair long …. LOL. My hair is darker at the roots, and blonder as it grows out with red highlights. Totally random …. LOL. My personality can also be called pretty random …. LOL. Personally I love dressing my truth in light, bright fun colors. I embrace it all. 😀

  38. Souna Naqvi
    18 November 14, 11:21am

    Have you had a chance to study Carol’s secondary type course? It is possible to be able to express both your primary and secondary types in the same outfit. Possibly, type 1 is your secondary. Check it out, that would explain your dilemma.

    • Donna Rowe
      19 December 14, 10:50pm

      She has a secondary type course? I know there are a couple of club night videos that talk about bringing in your secondary, but I didn’t know about a course. Cool!

      • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
        30 January 15, 7:26pm

        Hi Donna, We have secondary resources; not a separate course on secondary Types. Thank you for your interest!

        • Donna Rowe
          04 February 15, 10:59am

          That’s what I thought. Thanks!

  39. Sisse
    25 February 15, 6:32pm

    What is a type 1 to do when they are a hair stylist that is required to wear black every, single day and head to toe?

  40. Kjerste
    11 March 15, 1:42pm

    It almost looks like pictures of two sisters the before a little older and the after a little younger. :)

  41. Linda
    26 June 15, 7:16pm

    I am a type 3, but I don’t like the feel of jewelry. I take it all off when I get home & really don’t like the feel of necklaces!

  42. Jennifer Renzi
    06 September 15, 8:59am

    Check out Deborah, Type 4. Is that really the same person?? She looks like her own adorable niece who’s running for class president!

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