How to Put Together an Amazing Outfit

Closet & Wardrobe

Ever looked at your closet and wished an amazing ensemble would appear?

It can! My 4 Types Beauty Panel joins me with great tips to help you know how to put an outfit together, easy.

Their outfit tips are specific to the 4 Types in my Beauty Profiling system. Even if you don’t know your Type, their great tips will help you put together outfits that make you look amazing!

We’d love to hear how you play with YOUR wardrobe. Leave a comment and tell us the trick that helps you build a great outfit.

Outfit Tips for Every Type

  • Bright, Animated Type 1

Putting together an outfit might not look like a process for you—not a structured one anyway. That’s great! Embrace your random, spontaneous nature and put on whatever feels fresh. Once you’re dressed, stop long enough to check in that you’re wearing something that feels fun to you.

Pay attention to what Marcy says in the video about her biggest reward with mixing color.

  • Subtle, Soft Type 2

Your attention to detail is a strength, but don’t let details overwhelm you. Start with a particular item. Then assembe details around it. You might be more willing to try something new if you remind yourself that you don’t have to repeat anything you don’t like.

Watch the video to see how Anne paired two colors she normally wouldn’t. She looks great!

  • Rich, Dynamic Type 3

Like a Type 2, you might choose an item you want to wear and build an outfit around it. But you’ll be swift about it. Make sure your closet’s set up for quick, practical results. If your priority item for the day isn’t working, scrap it and go with an outfit you know will work.

In the video, Sarah talks about items she likes to start with, and I explain my funny approach to clothes I haven’t worn recently.

  • Bold, Striking Type 4

When you’re Dressing Your Truth, you have a high standard for what you keep in your closet and put on your body. That’s great! Don’t add anything to an outfit that doesn’t meet your standard. If you don’t like something—even if it worked for you in the past—don’t feel obligated to hold onto it.

I wonder how many Type 4’s share Sheryl’s experience with bold color.

Feel like you understand a little more about how to put outfits together? Watch the video to learn more tips and hear the outfit inspiration I get some mornings before I ever look in my closet!

Three more great outfit tips for all Types

  • When you think about outfit ideas, remember to also think about movement.

The list of your Beauty Profile keywords in my book describes your movement—including the way you put together an outfit! Read the list again with this in mind and embrace your unique process.

  • Create a style library.

It doesn’t have to be professional or high-tech. Just take a picture of today’s outfit with the camera on your phone. Putting together an outfit with what you have becomes that much easier when you have an archive of cute outfit ideas you already came up with!

  • Try new things and listen to YOUR style. You have a beauty sixth sense: use it.

Dressing Your Truth is a makeover system that turns all these outfit tips into a simple process.

All the clothes in your closet look amazing together—and, most important, they look amazing on you! Our easy-to-use online training program teaches you how to put together outfits, using 5 key elements customized to the movement of your facial features, body language, and even personality.

Put together great outfits—and look amazing every day! Take the first step by taking my 3-Minute Beauty Confidence Quiz. And if you’ve taken the quiz already, right now’s a good time to…

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. Julie Thorup
    14 September 12, 10:59pm

    That’s so fun! You know, I just realized that even before I knew my type, I was expressing myself through my socks! 
    I’ve always loved fun, bright, even silly socks that have animated patterns or pictures on them. 
    It’s sort of funny to think about it now because in my clothes I mostly wore a lot of the type two muted colors, (That’s my secondary) especially shades of muted purple and blue and yet I would acquire these socks and sometimes my method of getting dressed has been to choose my socks first and then build an outfit around that. Which could be quite a challenge in the past considering how colorful all my fun socks were, and how limited my wardrobe pallet was. Even back then, I did have a few type one tops that always ended up being my favorites, and I did also have some more plain muted colored socks too, but after finding out my type, I got rid of all my boring clothes and even my boring socks and now I have all kinds of fun creating outfits! 
    I love the whole color block trend that has been seen a lot within the past few years because it’s allowed me to change it up almost constantly. I also will change up my outfit building method randomly. I might even choose a certain top because of the bra I want to wear that day (yes, I also have some bright colorful bras! Lol!) Or it might be that I want to wear certain shoes or a certain accessory, but it changes all the time. This is so fun to think about how each person does it their own way. I’ve thought about how I do it before but I never thought about how other people might be choosing their clothes.

  2. Sienna Flower
    09 November 13, 3:38pm

    Carol, I love what you shared about your angels, because I have angels that came to me a couple years ago and started showing me what to buy, and putting things together that I never would have before, and that is when I discovered how much fun shopping could be! Now, I love love love my clothes! And I get lots of compliments on them! I find the most amazing things!

  3. Mary Berry
    22 December 13, 11:00am

    I just recently decided I’m a type 4 and have been dressing for that this week. My problem is having, not curly, but wavy hair but only in spots! Even after using product and a huge round brush, those flips and waves keep popping out. Any other 4’s out there with suggestions? My hair is short so perhaps if I grew it out a little it might help? Don’t want to go too long as I’m 72 years old. I used to wear my hair in a french twist when I was younger but that is too much trouble for me now.

  4. Nancy Niemi
    13 January 14, 4:04pm

    Honestly, its how i feel , if i get up and i know i have to do somethng unpleasant or its raining out i will tend to wear a rose instead of a dusty blue. it just brightens my mood. i also tend to lay out my outfit or perhaps two if i cant choose ,i lay them out the night before, accesories and all i have a silent butler i like to use, just getting into bed that night and seeing what im going to wear tomorrow , it gives me somthing to look forward to . i also may wear something you gave me as a gift on a special date we may have shared..I also have my favorites , on a day when i dont know whats going to happen but i just want to be confident in myself , ill pull out my favs like my kitten soft lavender veck sweater , i always feel good in that .my “process” is all to do with how it makes me feel , physically and emtionally . i actually ask my LOrd what i should wear and what i should buy and what i should give up and who to give it to . I thank you once again God bless you

  5. Virginia
    12 March 14, 11:58am

    Thank you for this video. It’s interesting to know how others approach something so routine as getting dressed! I am type 4/1 and am still getting used to what that means. I think I’ve dressed as a type 4 for the most part in the past. I’ve forced myself to get other colors or styles and then never wore them. Now, when I am too deliberate about dressing in Type 4 only, I get compliments, but they are about the hair or the sweater. My sister says they look harsh which made me question what type I was until Carol confirmed it…again! So, I would love to see how Marci dresses during her week. She mentioned in this video that she finds that she cannot wear all bold colors every day, so what does she wear and how does she look the other days? This example might help me tie in my S1 without crossing over. Thank you!

  6. Mary A. Daniels
    30 March 14, 4:35pm

    I am pretty sure that I am primarily a type 4 with dabs of 3 but have not been pleased with the type 4 outfit demos I’ve seen. I’m sitting here in black pants with a lime green mock turtleneck which was worn to church with a black brocade jacket–unbuttoned. A few minutes ago, I tried on a turquoise pant set with sunflower decorations which I’ve rarely worn and was about to put in a Thrift Sale only to find that it is great over the lime sweater! I’m not sure for what, but I’ll think of something! Oh. I’m 82 with silver hair.

  7. Type 3 at last!
    12 May 14, 12:55pm

    I have finally admitted I am a Type 3 (after thinking I was a Type 1 for years, but it not really working well with me). Just looking at this video without listening to the words themselves, I can see Sarah acting just how I do. The one who is constantly shifting position, ready to get to her turn to speak but respectfully restraining herself though the other people’s (sometimes long-winded) descriptions!

  8. Sue Hampson
    23 June 14, 1:16pm

    I pick a colour for the energy it gives off. Sometimes the reds feel too strong so I go for a more relaxed green. Depends on what my mood is telling me I me I need! Once the colour is decided true to my type I “throw ” everything else together!

  9. sue
    05 April 15, 3:05pm

    Enjoying your articles – keep them coming. Love the idea of the style library. I think I’m type 2. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty

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