Ever wished your personal fashion style was more defined?

Do you often wish you knew how to create a more personal signature style? Maybe you’ve given up on wearing jewelry and accessories and just get by with a little makeup, feeling like learning how to create a personal style you love takes too much time and too much money.

You’re not the only one who’s been there.

I once felt lost and confused about my personal style. As a result, I resorted to buying and wearing a lot of black.

The fashion experts teach that every woman should wear black and I bought in to that—hook, line and sinker! I believed it so much that at one point, nearly every skirt and pair of nicer pants I owned were black!

I know now why I bought so much black. When you don’t know what else to wear, black seems like an easy solution. Besides, I believed it made me look thinner. But I now know that it only makes me look older!

I don’t have one article of black clothing in my wardrobe.

Would you believe me if I told you that I don’t have one article of black clothing in my wardrobe? You may be shocked, and think, I could never give up my black, I look good in it, it’s part of my personal style. Depending on your Beauty Profile, black might actually make you look old or washed out.

What Dressing My Truth has taught me is that for me, black was absolutely the worst color I could be putting on my body. Now that I know my Beauty Profile and the colors, design lines, textures, and patterns that look best on me, it is SO EASY AND FUN to create my personal style. I have so many options that are perfect for me and I love them all!

The truth behind your personal style

The fashion and beauty industry tells you to copy someone else’s style. A designer decides what’s fashionable for the next three months. And regardless of your shape, your size, your preference, or your type of beauty, you’re supposed to run out and buy that style.

When certain trends don’t look as good on you as they do on air-brushed magazine pages, you somehow blame yourself.

Instead of copying someone else’s style, you can own and experience a personal style that works for you, makes you look and feel beautiful, and never goes out of fashion. Do you feel like you’re there yet?

Are You Lost, Getting by, or Confident?

When You’re LOST or GETTING BY with your personal style, you tend to feel frustrated by or fed up with the constant change in trends. You might feel like you’ve figured out what’s in style when the rules change again. You might copy some trends, but they never look as good or feel as comfortable on you as you would like them to. You feel like you can’t or don’t want to keep up with the constant change in styles.

You may resort to owning and wearing a lot of black clothes (like I did!) and feel it’s easier to wear black than figure out how to put together a style that is all you. Putting together “outfits” with jewelry and other accessories seems too hard and too costly, so you just get by with a few simple pieces. You want to look and feel beautiful, but you get discouraged because the fashion system is hard to figure out. Fashion requires so much work, money, and time when you don’t know how to buy what is perfect for you.

When you’re CONFIDENT with your personal style, you feel effortlessly fashionable. You express a personal style that’s always in fashion and that always looks good on you. Your wardrobe is cohesive and expresses the true you. You know how to assemble the right clothes, jewelry, shoes, handbags, makeup and hairstyle that flatter your body and express your unique type of beauty. You only incorporate current trends into your look when they really work for YOU. And because you know what is perfect for you, you save time and money because you always find what you want (on sale or at bargain prices) and just move past the rest!

Tips to start experiencing personal style confidence

  • Pick out three items from your closet that you absolutely love and that make you look great.

    Figure out what those items have in common. What do you love about them? What elements do they share? Try wearing more clothes and accessories that share these qualities.

  • Pick out three more items from your closet—this time, items you rarely or never wear.

    Identify their common features. Do you avoid them because of the way they feel on your body? Do you not like their texture or color?

  • Pay attention to the qualities you’ve identified the next time you get dressed or go shopping.

    Choose clothes and accessories with the traits you enjoy. Your beauty sixth sense can help you choose what fits into your unique personal style and what doesn’t. Start listening to it more carefully.

100% Personal Style Confidence

What would it feel like to have a personal style you really love and look great in?

You can boost your confidence in your personal style. Dressing Your Truth’s online training system gives you the tools to create a unique personal style that honors your natural beauty in a way no other fashion system does.

Feel confident about every aspect of your personal style—from hair to makeup to clothes and accessories. Click here to start your Dressing Your Truth experience.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. 05 December 11, 12:56pm

    Hi Carol, I do agree on what you are saying. I would love to have your book but I honestly can not afford it rigth now.

  2. 15 December 11, 8:03pm

    My best colors are peach and lavender, but not frumpy! I love my close-fitted sweaters that show my figure. Those are so hard to find because much of the clothing in stores is meant to hide a person’s waist. My best find—a lavender sweater for $2 at a resale shop!

  3. 31 May 12, 7:14pm

    Aaahhh, I had a feeling you were going to say black.  That’s my fav & my staple; can’t do without it.
    Carol, thank you for creating this series.  It’s wonderful that women can finally come together & share fashion frustrations.
    I did not find my personal fashion until my mid 20s.  For some reason I do not know, a highly influential relative in my life did not want me to dress “girly” as a teen or young woman [odd, because she dressed like a queen].  If it showed a curve, it was too tight; everything needed to be loose.  I spent years hating the way I looked, hating myself in the mirror, daily judging myself as fat & ugly.  How I wish I had this program then!
    As an artist/actress, I finally started to shop for what I liked, what attracted my eye, & what I thought surprisingly looked good on me.  I now love to shop & do so only at stores I absolutely love–primarily 1 I used to say I never could because I would never be skinny or pretty enough.  Ha!
    Thank You, God, for making Your women beautiful!  Open our eyes to see ourselves as You see us!

  4. mellauck
    04 March 13, 1:56pm

    I am so distraught over all the “personal style” stuff. I used to run around in tennis shoes and sweatshirts and thought I looked cute. Probably did 2 or 3 decades ago! Now I’m trying to wake up a bit and figure out my style. Trouble now is, I have NO idea what to buy. I can’t really afford to buy the program (and I’m afraid I might need more personal guidance for me to understand all this) so I’m frozen. I THINK I might be a “3” and I just read black is the worst color. Well, my closet mainly consists of black and I keep being drawn to that when shopping. Is there somewhere I can find out how to figure out your colors? Other issues, too, of course. Lack of height, body shape, hair color . . . .    HELP??

    • 05 March 13, 8:34am

      If you haven’t done the free online Beauty Profile course, that is a great place to start since you do need to know your Type http://www.dyt.liveyourtruth.com/freecourse. The Style Guides are included with the Dressing Your Truth course specific for your Type of beauty. All that you mention and so much more is covered in the 3 hour course and over 20 additional videos covering specific topics. Next Club Night is March 21 “Hair Tips for All Types”. Girls’ night out for Dressing Your Truth club members in person and online streaming.

      • mellauck
        06 March 13, 6:03pm

        I bit the bullet, purchased your course, watched it in one sitting, emptied my closet of all the black (I have about 6 shirts, 1 pair of pants, no dresses or shoes, two jackets), and now I REALLY have nothing to wear!

  5. mellauck
    05 March 13, 10:27am

    Got the program and can’t wait to go shopping and get rid of all my black clothes!!
    Your program is so worth the money

  6. 09 September 13, 11:44am

    Hi Lynn, if your true dominant nature is a Type 2 energy, then black and a pop of bold color is not going to support you energetically, even with silver-grey hair as the natural energy of the color black and a pop of bold is not the same energy as the Type 2 5-elements. Thank you for the question.

  7. Mary Mullenix
    06 October 13, 6:34pm

    Carol I want to thank you for the free Beauty Profile online. I have confirmed that I am a number 4 type. I think I’ve known for some time that what I was wearing was only making me sad and depressed. So everything that makes me feel that way is going away. I wish there was a way for me to be able to afford the whole program but there just isn’t the money right now but once again thank you for what you have done for me and so many other women. God bless you in your work with women.

  8. Lois Concidine
    30 October 13, 8:41am

    Carol, I love the information you are sharing! Thank you so much!
    I think one reason women wear black is because there is a lot of black clothing for women in the stores.

  9. LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
    03 January 14, 10:51pm

    Hi Leslie,

    This is a great question and I believe you will find this link helpful!


  10. Sera Watson
    15 June 14, 9:35am

    When I try clothing on I look for a color that goes with my tones, and I can usually see it. I’m amazed when I look around of the dim colors I see a lot of others wearing, mostly black/gray/tan, etc., and I thought it was because I live in the Pacific Northwest! In the ’60s we wore lots of psychedelic colors. I know I can’t wear black as I’m rather pale skinned and it makes me look even paler. It still takes time to go through clothing to find what’s right on me, and even when a blue or green looks good on me, there are some that have a different tone/tint that throw it off.

  11. Samantha
    27 September 14, 8:35am

    Confused about my ‘type’, until this black color info….I only own a few black pieces, rarely wear them (due to funerals), but I look awesome in black….must be a type 4.
    Guess I’ll wear this color more often! Thanks!!

  12. Elisha Gabriell
    21 November 14, 1:50pm

    I knew it was black. I only own one black sweater. I have red hair, so I’m not washed out, and I’m sure to bling it our with lots of silver jewelry when I choose to wear it.

  13. Angela James
    17 February 15, 9:24am

    Hi Carol, I have just completed the online course. I really enjoyed it and learnt so much. The four beauty types is really so profound, I start to question how you worked it out.
    I have established that I am a type 3 and the colours I wear are linked to this. I am interested in the tones and textures, including the most appropriate hairstyle and colour for myself. I am from SA. Could I send a photo to you…for the analysis?
    Thank you for all the learning and revealing.

  14. 30 May 15, 9:43am

    I hear you. Not everybody can wear white either. I think these two colors are extremely challenging and so demanding that not every piece of clothing manufactured in these colors is even attractive. I seem to be a dominant 4 and I use black like I use some spices…a spike of interest

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