How to Fix a Bad Haircut – At the Salon and At Home


We’ve all been there… staring in the mirror at a bad haircut. It’s frustrating and scary.

That’s why I talked to Nicole, our Dressing Your Truth stylist. She’s here to save the day with her perfect tips, so you know what to do with a bad haircut.

How to fix a bad haircut at the salon

Stylists want you to leave happy. You feel that pressure, so you might not speak up when your haircut is too short. After all, there’s no way they can make it longer, right?

Give your stylist a chance to help. Watch the video to hear exactly what you can say that any stylist will respond to.

How to fix a bad haircut at home

You can fix a bad haircut without going back to the salon. Before you do anything, though, take a deep breath and give your new haircut a chance.

Maybe this haircut is so different from what you expected that you haven’t considered that this new look might be incredible on you. Get feedback from others you trust and try it out. If it really is as bad as you thought, there are lots of things you can do.

Watch the video for Nicole’s great tips, plus, 4 ways to prevent a bad haircut in the future:

Do you have a bad haircut horror story? What did you do about it? Share your own tips and stories in a comment.

Nicole and I both know that how you feel about your appearance has such a huge effect on empowerment and self-esteem. We want you to love your hair!

How to have a haircut you love

Like we said in the video, an online hairstyle consultation with our world-class stylists is a great resource to help you survive a bad haircut (and prevent it from happening in the first place!).

To schedule an appointment, you need to be a Dressing Your Truth Club Member. Being a Club Member means that you’ll be familiar with our stylists’ approach, so you get the most out of your consultation. If you’re not a member yet, it’s easy to start…

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. 07 June 12, 3:52pm

    I’ll never forget my haircut just before school pictures in 7th grade. I went to the local beauty college by myself for the first time, and am sure it was that poor student’s first real haircut. He kept trimming it shorter, and shorter and shorter, trying to even things up. Finally the instructor stepped in, but I have never been able to overcome the fear of a haircut. I cut it myself, and while it’s ok, is not the quality of style I’d like.

  2. 09 March 13, 6:19pm

    I just got a really butch haircut, which I can pull off as a type 3, but I WAS growing my hair out.  I showed the girl a picture that I KNEW was possible based on the length my hair already was.  She cut the first few snips and had already overdone it and I knew I had to go very short, there was no possible way to get the cut I wanted at that point.  So I told her to take a lot more off the back so I wouldn’t be growing out a mullett.  I didn’t say, you have already taken too much off the top in the back.  I should have.  The worste part was that the owner of the salon saw what was happening, knew I was trying to grow it out and came over.  the stylist told her I had a change of heart and blamed the mess on me.  Ok, I should have told her that I changed my mind because she had already destroyed it…..but I didn’t.  Thankfully the owner was much better, she instinctively took off hair in the right places to balance it in a way that was suitable for my hair, and it’s liveable.  SPEAK up and do it EARLY! :)

  3. Sera Watson
    10 June 14, 7:35am

    I’ve had only one stylist in my life that truly knew how to cut my hair and give it a style that was so workable, and it didn’t matter if I had a bad hair day – it always looked great. We moved from the area and have never been able to find anyone like him since then. I have a stylist now who does alright, but I almost always have to make a few snips here and there to shape it and keep it off of my face. A good stylist with a sense of what looks good on a person is sooo hard to find! My hair is thinner so cutting it in layers seems to help quite a bit. Bringing a picture is one of THE most helpful ways to communicate (except for the one stylist I had – he knew exactly what looked good on me.)

  4. Sharron Perkey Freeman
    04 December 14, 2:04pm

    “Bangs and their length is such a personal thing”. I was to receive an award at our annual banquet so I went to the hairdressers for strictly a trim about a week and a half before the banquet. The haircut was perfect with the exception of my bangs. Out of nowhere my hairdresser gave me Audrey Hepburn bangs and no matter how straight I pulled them they were just SHORT! To this day I hate the pictures that were taken at what should have been a triumphant but was instead a source of everlasting embarrassment.

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