Ever had a bad hair day?

Those days when you wrestle with your hairstyle are frustrating.

Sometimes it just doesn’t do what you want it to. Or you can’t get the style to turn out the way it did at the salon. Whatever your hairstyle trouble, I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it can be.

I’ve had my share of frustrating hairstyles

Even as a little girl I struggled with my hairstyle! I remember my mom taking me to the hair salon. Once they cut it too short, and I ran out to the car to cry and hide. This whole experience with “bad hair days” can start way too young in our lives!

carol hairstyle

For most of my life I have opted for some practical, easy-to-care-for hairstyles. But I am not even sure you can call them styles! I’ve followed the trends of the time: I had my perm in the 80’s, I tried a little longer look in the 90’s, never knowing what was best for ME.

In 2003, I discovered my Type of beauty and took charge of my life and my hair! The experience of “bad hair days” has become obsolete in my world. Is it possible to have a “great hair day” everyday? I believe it is and I want to help you create that experience for yourself!

The truth behind your bad hair days

The beauty industry tells us to copy certain hairstyles every season, from celebrities or magazines.

You have probably never thought about this, but I have discovered that your hair’s natural movement expresses your true nature.

But nobody talks about using your hairstyle to express your inner nature and support your natural outer beauty. They should!

You have probably never thought about this, but I have discovered that your hair’s natural movement expresses your true nature—just like your facial features, body language, and personality do. Your hairstyle should play a supporting role in highlighting YOUR beauty, not the other way around.

How do you feel your hairstyle is doing expressing your true nature and bringing out your true beauty?

Are you Lost, Getting by, or Confident?

When You’re LOST or GETTING BY with your hairstyle, you tend to feel frustrated with your hair. You either spend lots of time styling and drastically changing your hair every season. Or you opt for a practical, no-nonsense solution (ponytail, anyone?) that hasn’t changed for years. Either way, you don’t feel satisfied or enthused about your hairstyle. You may feel you can’t speak up when you’re not getting what you want from your stylist. You have bad hair days and you feel like your current hairstyle is just a transition to a future hairstyle that’s really you.

When you’re CONFIDENT with your hairstyle, your hair is easy to style and only takes a short time each day to look amazing. You know which colors and cuts bring out your natural beauty and you feel like your hair expresses your true self. You know how to communicate with your hair stylist to get exactly what you want. And you leave the salon feeling certain that you know how to recreate your great style on your own. You just don’t have bad hair days.

Tips to start experiencing more hair confidence

  • Look in the mirror.

    Before your next salon visit, put away the celebrity photos and look in the mirror. Recognize that you are beautiful! Ask yourself the question, “If my hairstyle were allowed to highlight my true self and natural beauty, what would it look like?”

  • Take notes.

    When you get a haircut and style you love, make sure to ask your hairstylist details about how they style your hair. Write down the steps and buy the products.

  • Be your own hairstyle expert.

    If your hairstylist suggests something different from what you really want, thank them for the expertise and say you want to try your idea anyway. If your stylist thinks a certain style isn’t good for you, you may help him or her feel a little less hesitant by saying you won’t hold them responsible for the results.

100% Hair Confidence

What would it feel like to have a great hair day every day? Wouldn’t you love your hairstyle to express the true you?

Dressing Your Truth’s revolutionary online training system boosts your hairstyle confidence by teaching you which cuts, colors, and hairstyles highlight your natural beauty. And it gives you lifetime access to video tutorials that help you communicate clearly your stylist and create a salon look at home.

I’ll be sending you a lot more tips that will save you time and money, making your beauty and fashion experience more enjoyable and successful. So make sure you keep your eyes on your email inbox, I’ll be sending you lesson number 3 soon.

Please share your comments below, and tell me what your shopping experience is like. I read and reply to my comments often; I can’t wait to read your comments!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. 17 September 11, 11:40am

    It’s true.  I’ve discovered my natural hair movement and found the perfect style for me.  It kind of happened by accident almost a year ago now.  I’d been wearing it long, after 3 babies born in less than three years, I kept it long so I could put it in a pony tail!  I didn’t have time to shower, let alone wash my hair.  I learned about DYT (dressing your truth) about 2 years ago, and after discovering that I’m a type 1, I started slowly cutting my hair shorter and shorter.  I was afraid though, because I have 2 VERY STRONG cowlicks right at the top of my head.  As soon as it gets too short it looks awful, and I have to fight them.  I was going shorter, with a stylist that listened to me about my Type 1 upward light personality, and that I wanted my hair to ‘radiate’ that.  She got it.  I was there 2 years ago (or so), and said, “I either have to go lots shorter, or longer, because of my cowlicks”… what do you think?  Without saying anything, she Chopped it all off!  The first 2 days I thought I looked awful, I just wasn’t used to that kind of daring cut.  Then, I found that my cowlicks actually helped me style my hair!  Now, it’s longer in the front, and I have perfect natural waves that style my hair for me, with some taffy, wax, root booster, and hairspray, my hair looks better and better each day I DON’T style it-and I’m not kidding!  I have highlights and lowlights, and everyone asks me what I’m doing to look so much younger-like 20 years younger…  Hair grows, if your movement needs a shorter cut, try it… you can always grow it back.  I NEVER will;-)

  2. G M
    10 October 11, 11:18pm

    With limited resources and hair that grows fast, I cut a couple of inches off every month, and either french braid it or put it in a pony tail.  Works for me as a dog trainer.  Short hair suits me, but I cannot afford the monthly cuts.

  3. Matha Harris
    19 December 11, 3:19pm

    I was wearing my hair in a long (to the bottom of my shoulder blades) and loved it I let a friend “trim” my hair and ended up with something akin to a Julie Anderson short bob-pixie and have to let it grow out some to get it fixed. This is a bad hair experience of the person cutting stating they understand but then OOPS is said as 14 inches of hair get cut off…. 

  4. 28 December 11, 10:53pm

    I am 53 and disabled. I am a pastor’s wife and want to look nice, including my hair but am limited on what I am able to do. Last Easter, I had my hair cut into a short pixie style and love it! It’s easy for me, although I do tend to show it when I need a haircut! I try to stay with a light ash blond color, which is closest to my former natural color. I enjoy wearing earrings and jewelry to compliment my hair and outfits, making them all tie together. I am enjoying your tips thus far. In my opinion, it’s never too late to look and feel good about your looks.

  5. Usha Mohan
    04 January 12, 4:19am

    I knew what hairstyle suited me but never really found a hairstylist who knew what I was talking about and how I really, really wanted it cut. On certain days, I would “accidently” stlye it the right way I wanted but I could never, ever repeat that.  Until 6 months ago.. I found the perfect hairstylist, who cut my hair just the way I wanted, styled it just right and showed me how to do it too.  that’s when I went from lost- to getting by- to confident!! Yay!!!!

  6. Debbie Harris Riddle Marlin
    05 April 14, 8:30pm

    My hair is very short. I really like it but have been thinking of letting it grow out into maybe a bob with maybe curls. I can carry both styles but really like my short choppy hair. I need to figure out what type I am. I feel like everything is put on hold until I know which way to go.

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