Need Fashion Help? 4 Styles That Will Change Everything

So you want fashion help? I’m so glad.

Start to change the way you think about fashion with these four styles. Get ready to be inspired with our style help for women…

Fashion Help #1: Have Some Fun

Need Fashion Help

Fashion rule of thumb: listen to what makes you say, “I LOVE this!”

The first (but not only) key to great fashion is having fun with it.

Want a cardigan… why not make it special? Need a purse… why not get one with details that accent your accessories?

If you could wear whatever you wanted, what fashion would you love to wear? Stop looking at the women around you and listen to that answer inside a little more often.

Fashion Help #2: Try a Subtle Trick

Style Help for Women
Style 1: bright and cheery. Style 2: soft and romantic. Define the look you’re going for.

Fun by itself just won’t cut it. What will actually help you in the dressing room? Try this…

Shop with a style in mind rather than looking for fashion in general.

Gather images of the style you want—either by collecting them online, snapping your own photos, or browsing magazines.

By deciding on a style ahead of time, you’ll help your eye automatically pick out items that will create it once you’re in the store. This easy shift in your personal shopping habits makes a huge difference in your closet.

Fashion Help #3: Accessorize Right

Fashion Help for Women
Nothing here matches in color, pattern, or shape. But the style (textured and substantial) is consistent.

Let’s say you’ve found a really amazing piece of clothing. A unique style, like this shirt…

This shirt makes a big statement. Pair that statement with tiny silver studs and a conservative watch, and the top will just look silly.

Your accessories shouldn’t “match” your clothes, but they should rise to the same level of dress.

Fashion Help #4: Make it Personal

Fashion Help
When you shop, look for items that work with items you already own and love.

How much of your wardrobe do you actually wear? Most women only use 40%.

Why do women waste so much? Because not everything in their closets work together.

For one thing, the fashion industry tells women they need to own certain clothes that they actually don’t. What women actually need is personal style. And you create personal styleby being true to yourself.

Here’s the catch: Only one of these styles would look amazing on you.

Only one would make you look younger, slimmer, and healthier. That one Type of fashion would highlight your eyes, smile, and very best features.

But the others would wash you out, age you, or make you look silly. Why?

Because there are 4 unique Types of women (1 for each look here).

And you express one of those 4 Types of beauty in your facial features, body language, even thoughts and personality.

So which Type of beauty are you?

It’s easy to find out.

I’m giving away my online video course that will help you identify your Type of beauty to 100,000 women.

The videos and materials in this fun course will help you see why your flaws might be your best features. Join thousands of women worldwide who know their Type and love their style.

Get the best kind of fashion help for women by discovering your Type of beauty for free.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!