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Why Women Everywhere Have Stopped Wearing Black

Dressing Your Truth

Women everywhere have stopped wearing black. If you Dress Your Truth, you may be one of them. But if you’ve recently heard about Dressing Your Truth, you might have felt a little shocked when you heard a friend or family member say she got rid of all her black... Read More ››

Who Gets the Compliments – You? Or Your Clothes?

Self Image / Style

Think back on the last few compliments you received on your appearance. Chances are, there’s a difference between the compliments you get and the compliments you actually want. The Compliments You Get: Has anyone ever given you compliments like this? “I love your jacket.” “That is a great purse... Read More ››

The #1 Trick to Prevent Frizz!


I had an Aha! moment at the Dressing Your Truth Salon. I watched Emily (our Dressing Your Truth hairstylist) style my hair. And the way she used the blow dryer looked different from what I did at home. Turns out, I was creating a lot of frizz! You high-energy... Read More ››

Pear or Hourglass? The Truth About Your Body Shape.

Weight & Body

Do you love everything about the shape of your body? If you don’t yet, you can. Let me show you how. What the Fashion Industry Thinks of Your Body Shape What would the fashion industry call your body? A pear, an apple, a ruler, an hourglass? Body shape analysis... Read More ››

Look and Feel Your Very Best – Dressing Your Truth Before and After


You want to look and feel your best. But you might be making it harder for yourself. Are You Trying to Be the Wrong Best? In your pursuit to look and feel great, you might believe you have to fit a standard that’s not actually best for you. Your... Read More ››

Identical Twins Who Don’t Look Identical Anymore!


Since identical twins look so much alike, it’s easy to think they must BE alike. Not true! And I’ll prove it to you with this surprising makeover. Very Different Makeovers for Identical Twins Denise and Melinda might look alike to you. They’re both beautiful, that’s for sure. But these... Read More ››

How to Pick the Perfect Perfume

Tips & Tricks

How do you decide on your perfume? Have you stuck with a signature scent for years? Or do you feel overwhelmed by all the options out there? When you know your Beauty Profile, you can apply what you know about your Type of beauty to any part of your... Read More ››

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