What is Dressing Your Truth?

Dressing Your Truth is an educational service designed to teach you about your unique Type of beauty, give you insights and tools to feel more confident and look more beautiful, and provide products that make your shopping experience easy and affordable.

This practical, intuitive beauty makeover system empowers you to look and feel your best.


How the Fashion World Has Failed You

How do you feel after looking at a fashion magazine?

A majority of women feel worse after only 3 minutes of thumbing through one.

The supermodel standard only portrays a small sliver of the spectrum of beauty. But women everywhere feel inferior for not fitting into it. On top of that, the fashion industry introduces new colors, new trends, and new rules every few months.

The fashion industry tells you to put beauty on. But what if you could bring beauty—your true beauty—out?


Where Dressing Your Truth Comes In

Every woman is beautiful. Every woman.

And we’re not just talking inner beauty.

That’s why Carol Tuttle has created Dressing Your Truth, a comprehensive fashion system that turns long-standing fashion myths on their heads and empowers women of every age, shape, and size with tools to look and feel amazingly beautiful every single day.


The First Step to Dressing Your Truth

The first step is to discover your unique Type of beauty with the free BEAUTY PROFILING℠ Course.

This quick course provides information to assess and advise you about your specific energetic movement, personality characteristics, and facial features.

This information is available long distance, as all our pre-recorded audio and video presentations are available online. 

It’s self-improvement meets clothes shopping.

Women who dress their truth know they are full of natural beauty, inside and out, and they express it beautifully with everything they put on.

So can you.


What You Get From Dressing Your Truth

When you start Dressing Your Truth, your life will change in real, daily ways. You will…

  • Save Money:Have a closet full of useful, flattering clothes that you absolutely love. Never waste shopping money again.
  • Save time: Never stand in front of a closet full of clothes, feeling like you have nothing to wear.
  • Look Amazing: Look thinner, younger, and healthier immediately. Get ready for some genuine compliments. Have a good hair day every day.
  • Love Shopping: Experience the easiest, most successful shopping trips you’ve ever had. Actually enjoy the dressing room experience!
  • Feel Fabulous: Feel more comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your own skin than you ever have before.


More Than Just a Course

When you start Dressing Your Truth, you get more than a fashion tutorial.

You enter a community that honors and celebrates your true beauty with answers to your questions, online resources, and ongoing learning opportunities.

Click below to discover all the other video archives, image galleries, and community access you receive by becoming a Dressing Your Truth Club Member.

Get ready to love yourself and look amazing every day of your life.



  1. 20 May 14, 10:38pm

    So I have to admit that I believe that I am type 1 dominate with a strong type 3. I was looking in the store and I have to say that I would not buy anything (clothing) in the type 1. How could I feel better if I don’t like it to look at it? :/

    • Helene
      19 December 14, 2:41pm

      Best place to start is to ask WHY you don’t like it. Is it because it is relating to some aspect of yourself that you are judging? What sort of clothing did you like as a child (yes, you DID have preferences then, before anybody influenced your choices – if you are lucky enough to remember)…and does the T1 clothing relate to that?

  2. dotje
    13 June 14, 3:50pm

    So I took the free course–I’m very obviously a Type 2. I’m not sure what to do about it, though. Most of the things in your store are either too young or too purple (I detest all shades of purple) for me. Do i just look for drab?

  3. Khemistree
    03 October 14, 4:52am

    I am sure that everything in the store for each type, is just a guideline. It doesn’t mean you have to wear any of the clothes at all in the store, it can just be something helpful for women who are inspired to wear the clothing for their type. I am sure with the info you received for your type, you can then research and find your own clothing from anywhere else. Esp on the internet. You can search for exactly what you are looking for or to get ideas and find things you do like <3

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