Meet Carol Tuttle, Creator of Dressing Your Truth

Where it All Began

I started my fashion journey where most women start: as a teenage girl who didn’t like the way she looked.

I felt ugly and believed I was unattractive which led me to despise my inner self at an early age.

I can honestly say that: I hated myself.

I’ve met a lot of women who have felt—and continue to feel—like I did back then. And that’s not right. It’s a pretty typical experience, and very sad. But I did something with it that isn’t ordinary.

Starting From the Inside Out

I began studying energy healing over 20 years ago. In 1994, I received my post baccalaureate training and began my career as a Master Energy Therapist.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to train people across the world in energy healing to improve every aspect of their lives — from money, to health, to relationships, to overall emotional well-being.

In my experience with Energy Healing, I observed that different people have different energies and natural movements. So, I created a program called Energy Profiling, that helps people identify and honor their true natures, strengths, and gifts.

Amazing things happen to people who honor their true natures!

But What to Wear?

After many years of healing my inner self, I knew my inner truth and loved who I was by then.

But every morning, I still had to open my closet and pick out something to wear. And what I wore on the outside didn’t match up with the strong, beautiful woman I knew I was on the inside.

This time, I was sure the problem wasn’t me. After all, not every woman in the world could really be a failure at feeling and looking beautiful as the fashion industry had led them to believe!

And then it clicked.

Dressing Your Truth Was Born

By applying the principles of Energy Profiling to fashion, I created the BEAUTY PROFILING℠ System and Dressing Your Truth.

These programs show women how to best express their inner beauty in their outward appearance. Dressing Your Truth has changed the way women all over the world feel about themselves and the way they look.

Women who dress their truth love and honor themselves every day, just with what they put on in the morning.

What am I Doing Now?

I am sharing Dressing Your Truth with women all over the world. I believe every woman is beautiful and she should look and feel that way daily! Too many woman out there feel like they’ll only be beautiful if they buy the latest trends, get the right hair cut or lose those last 10 pounds.

I have been in that place before. But I didn’t stay there. And I don’t think any woman should!

Every woman in the world can feel beautiful today, which is why I created Dressing Your Truth and why I strive daily to inspire women to discover and embrace their true beauty.

Thank you for visiting and for choosing to discover the remarkable beauty you express both inside and out. I hope that you will spend some time exploring your true nature and honoring it by Dressing Your Truth.

You are beautiful!

Carol Tuttle



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