Will the Real Anne Please Stand Up?

This is revealing!

My daughter Anne dresses true to her natural Type 2 beauty in my Dressing Your Truth program.

For a fun and eye-opening experience, she decided to dress true to all 4 Energy Types. The results show just how powerful it is to know your Type of beauty and dress in harmony with it!

The 4 Types of Anne

The 4 Types of Anne

We styled Anne in all 4 Types of beauty. Remember them from your Beauty Profiling course:

  • The Bright, Animated Type 1 Woman
  • The Subtle, Soft Type 2 Woman
  • The Rich, Dynamic Type 3 Woman
  • The Bold, Striking Type 4 Woman

Anne chose clothes that harmonize with the energy of each Type of beauty, as well as jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle.

(I want you to know what a big deal it was for Anne to straighten her hair—because she never does that! She says she feels like she’s killing a part of herself when she takes the flat iron to her natural curls!)

Take a look at what happened…

Anne styled as a Bright, Animated Type 1 Woman

You can see that Anne doesn’t look bad in this cute outfit. But the animated print is a little too much for her and the bright colors bring out irregularities in her complexion. How Anne feels in this outfit:

I think adding a little bounce in my hair, as well as the lighter clothing, helped soften my look and felt the closest to my Type 2 wardrobe. But the bright colors and high animation steal the show. I felt scattered and ungrounded.”

Anne styled as a Rich, Dynamic Type 3 Woman


This edgy style looks great on a dynamic, TYPE 3 woman. But on Anne, it just looks overdone. How Anne feels in this outfit:

I felt harsh and my bones ached. My body couldn’t keep up with the movement on me. I felt a rush inside myself that was not honoring of my natural methodical nature.”

Anne styled as a Bold, Striking Type 4 Woman


I know a lot of women who would look amazing with that bold red lip color. But it just washes Anne out! How Anne feels in this outfit:

I think I look about 10 years older than I am—trying to be a ‘sophisticated business woman’ and failing! I felt rigid and stiff and the black eyeliner was literally making my eyes burn. And it’s the same formula as the Type 2 eyeliner I use—just a different color!”

Anne styled as a Soft, Subtle Type 2 Woman

Ah, home sweet home! I felt peace once my curls were back! The soft colors and design lines in the clothing felt like a warm fuzzy blanket I could finally relax in! This is me! My body felt honored and strong and balanced.”

More important than Anne’s appearance is how she feels. You can see in her face when she seems overwhelmed by an outfit, or looks uneasy and uncomfortable.

But once she’s back here in her Type 2 element, you can see she looks confident and secure in who she is.

Why Anne’s experiment matters to YOU

Every day, you get up and get dressed.

Consider the possibility that you may be putting looks on your body that make you look silly, old, harsh, or just not your best.

Anne is naturally very beautiful. But some of these outfits don’t do anything for her. Some of your outfits don’t do a thing for you!

Ready to meet your most beautiful self?

You can have the know-how to dress true to your nature (just like Anne dresses true to hers).

Dressing Your Truth’s online course gives you tools to know what works best for you and why, so you can make a style that’s all your own.

Get access to Dressing Your Truth (and more confidence) in under a minute—just click below.

The 4 Types of Anne

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  1. Lou Sale
    29 May 13, 8:36am

    This is amazing!! I saw the Type 2 photo and I loved it! I love texture; The type 1 outfit looked liked you were ‘trying too hard”, Type 3 I also loved but I’m a type 3, on you however, it looks a wee bit harsh, I only noticed the outfit, and not ‘you'; Type 4 outfit looked “clinical”.

    I love this site!! I am new, and still learning. I now understand why I had so many clothes in my closet that I didn’t wear but I never knew why. I recently retired and started buying clothes with a whole different look. However, I wasn’t happy wearing what I had. I thought it was because I’m also ‘older’. I was getting depressed. I didn’t want to face it.
    After getting on to DYT site, I look good once again. I now take a photo of myself wearing an outfit I’m not sure of and if I don’t like it, I get rid of it. I already have all the accessories, I just couldn’t match the outfit to it. All because I had too many types of clothes hanging in my closet. :)

    With my pared down closet, I find it so easy to put outfits together. I’m still in the process of building it up but it is amazing.

    Keep up the good work! You guys rock!!

  2. Lou Sale
    29 May 13, 8:37am

    This is amazing!! I saw the Type 2 photo and I loved it! I love texture; The type 1 outfit looked liked you were ‘trying too hard”, Type 3 I also loved but I’m a type 3, on you however, it looks a wee bit harsh, I only noticed the outfit, and not ‘you'; Type 4 outfit looked “clinical”.

  3. Nancy
    29 May 13, 9:11am

    Wow, what a great illustration of dressing your truth!

  4. Nancy Hall
    29 May 13, 11:16am

    Carol, this is so helpful! Knowing what works is a bit of a challenge for me – I tend to dress for comfort, style and colour. But, that doesn’t mean it looks good! ; ) I can see how much more complimentary #2 is. Kudos to your daughter for modelling for our benefit! Thank you!

  5. Elizabeth Goodman
    31 May 13, 5:13pm

    Very revealing. Your daughter’s Type 2 picture is by far the most attractive…

    • Donna
      26 July 14, 11:57pm

      I love her natural, type 2 look, but I think she looks like someone in an important job in 4, she is pretty and I love her natural curly hair. I love mine! So easy to fix, quick too!

  6. Lauri
    02 June 13, 5:21pm

    Loved the visual transformation as well as the description of how Annie felt in each of the the types; great information and illustration. I am going to try this experiment in the privacy of my own home :).

    • Leah Hess
      06 May 15, 11:44am

      I agree with your comments! I have been experimenting every day, at home, to clarify here I fit:)

  7. Brenda Spadoni Youngblood
    21 August 13, 6:30am

    This is amazing! I can really see the differences once they’re pointed out. However, still having trouble determining my own beauty type. I realize that we all have a little of all types in us, but I just can’t seem to find the dominant type for me. I’ll keep plugging along at it! Thank you, Carol Tuttle, for sharing your findings!!

  8. dragica
    06 September 13, 3:45pm

    I think she doesn’t look bad as no 3 but no 4 is a definite no!

  9. Wilma Murphy
    28 September 13, 5:27am

    You did a great job with your daugher

  10. Jennifer Gilbert Sams
    01 October 13, 9:19pm

    Two is definitely the best… however, I think she looks great in three, as well… except that she needs to wear her hair as in two. One is just… okay. Four (to me) makes her look
    severe and kinda threatening… lol. You are beautiful in all, Anne… but two is you. (Guess you knew that already… 😉 )

  11. LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
    14 October 13, 8:33am

    Hello DV, it is possible that you are not interpreting something correctly. This is an intuitive program and trusting your intuition about which energy is most dominant in you is the first step. You will find signs of all 4 Types – we consist of them all, but one will be your dominant energy movement and support you emotionally, physically and mentally. Thank you for the question.

    • Jeanne-MarieKavanagh
      03 January 14, 12:51pm

      At first glance I was thinking I was a T3 but I came to feel more intune with the idea that I am a T2 and I behave as T3 in my life as a manager, instructor, mom and wife by necessity. What helped me most was to think of how I really was as a young child and to further think of the compliments I have been paid in my life and what has moved me most. Looking back, as curious as I often was as a child I was calm in my approach, I loved to share experiences and to feel flow in my life. I never had trouble being quiet when necessary and often liked to be with animals and feel their calmness (I now realize that was reflecting my own calmness). My mother has always complimented me for making others feel comfortable and accepted. My husband has pointed out many times that I give our sons excuses when things don’t go well (smoothing things over). Students who have thanked me and recognized my efforts have made me feel most loved and accepted…. I don’t mind being part of a team, I always manage my department at work in such a way as to never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do… but I have often felt most hurt and most irrelevant when overlooked or taken for granted. So although I have often been a leader, get lots done, multitask with the best of them and sometimes have to curb my reactions….. I am a 2 (and I think a 3 secondarily). Hope that helps.

    • Marianne
      02 April 14, 9:57pm

      My entire family thinks I am a t2, soft, nurturing and calm. I believe I am a 4. I’ve got strong opinions, can be bossy, sharp wit and sharp tongue. Could I be a chameleon? Lol

  12. Guest
    15 October 13, 11:41am

    This is beautiful. But I am at a loss. I am relatively certain that I am a type 4, but I have naturally curly hair, and very seldom wear it straight. Is it possible to have curly hair and dress type 4, honoring both? The only curly hair I see is on every type other than 4. Please tell me what my options might be.

  13. 18 October 13, 10:03pm

    She’s gorgeous in all these outfits!

  14. Priscilla Jacobson
    29 October 13, 4:45pm

    My story disappeared?????

  15. JanetMPatterson
    02 November 13, 8:33pm

    Quite enlightening.

  16. disqus_de1eWWrhH2
    07 December 13, 11:20pm

    I’ve tried hard but my intuition just isn’t able to make the leap into this at all. Mind you, I am naturally sceptical, logical and analytical, so maybe I am a type 4!!

    • Susan Stokes
      10 February 14, 12:18pm

      I am a Type 4/1. I had a really hard time figuring out what I was because I could a little bit of me in each type. Then my daughter sent me The Child Whisper and I still wasn’t sure until I was reading the type 4 child. It really resonated with me and I could see that was my dominate type.

  17. Lynne
    06 February 14, 1:09pm

    So enlightening. Even though Anne and the outfits are beautiful, I find it painful to see her dressed in the wrong types. (Especially as a fellow type 2.) You can feel the strain on her energy, like she’s being pushed to be someone she’s not. This has me understand why I don’t wear certain perfectly nice things in my closet, and why something feels off when I or my friends dress to the wrong type. Thank you for this!

  18. crissie
    06 February 14, 2:59pm

    Please bring this live to the UK as a Roadshow – I think it would be VERY popular! But please can I be one of your make-overs!!! :-)

  19. 14 February 14, 1:29pm

    This is difficult before me because she looks nice in all four pictures. I guess I just don’t “get” it because I still don’t know what I am and aside from contemporary hair changes for some of the participants, I can’t see much difference in many of the before-and-afters.

  20. Cherry McDonell
    21 February 14, 8:22am

    I would like to see T4 hair styles. Anything besides straight?

    • Vickie Jacobson
      22 April 14, 12:26pm

      Me too. Something more on the wild side. I like doing different things. Different styles. I get bored with one style.

  21. marycatherinehenning
    01 April 14, 8:06pm

    I feel stuck between T1 and T2. I feel as if the T2 movement is more me, but my personality traits are absolutely T1. Which one is right for me?

  22. Mary A. Daniels
    07 April 14, 6:38pm

    I’m pretty sure I’m a “perfecter” T-4, but make stacks like a T-2– and am horrified by most of the outfits you have shown for T-4. What have you got against us??

    • Rebecca
      16 August 14, 6:16pm

      Funny, I also get a vibe that the T-4 is the least favored. Maybe it’s our natural skepticism! But many comments have been made about T-4s being the ones with porcelain perfect skin (mine is not!), the most symmetrical features, and the ones the fashion industry caters to. Like we have it the easiest. But I think a lot of the T-4 clothes are rather uninspired. I love animal print and tweed and layering jewelry. So maybe 3 is my secondary. Still trying to figure it out–including how to get rid of the picture of the cake that I use on a baking website!

  23. Andrea
    13 June 14, 4:21am

    A comment from the peanut gallery! I am not so sure myself, but one day I feel floaty and romantic and have a full wardrobe of T2 clothes, the other day romantic, but in a rich and exotic way, and I wear babushka trousers and beaded waistcoats with bold jewellery, like a T3, so which am I? I feel comfortable in both, but because I have more clothes of one type than another, I tend to go for T2 stuff more than T3. I’m a Gemini, which might explain a lot.

  24. Andrea
    13 June 14, 4:22am

    Carol, I have been following you since you were doing Chaka work,, You are fantastic- And now I see you have beautiful talented girls as well

  25. Emily
    19 July 14, 8:56pm

    I almost positive that I’m a type 1. I feel like I was more true to my natural nature when I was younger, but then I kind of retreated into myself and trying to be more of a type 2 as I started worrying that people thought I was to outgoing or maybe even a little annoying. But now I realize how much happier I am when I’m true to my bubbly type 1 nature.

    • Donna
      26 July 14, 11:59pm

      I have always been upbeat, happy and bubbly. I never have thought about clothes as to what makes me look better, just bought things I liked. I am learning a lot from this course.

  26. Donna
    26 July 14, 11:55pm

    I still am not sure about myself. I saw myself in Carol’s type 1 look. I have natural curly hair, I LOVE blue and wear it when I can. I have never worn scarfs, not sure if they will be right for me.

  27. Val Flint
    08 August 14, 3:29am

    I suspected I was a T2 after doing your free course, but I wasn’t totally sure until I saw your comparisons today when I knew immediately that I was right. There is no way I could be comfortable wearing the clothes of any of the other types. Thank-you for this exercise – it made things so clear for me. I’d love to do the full course, but unfortunately I’m a pensioner with very limited finances.

  28. Barbara Coon
    06 September 14, 8:42am

    This was helpful. I, like so many others it seems, am having trouble placing myself into one dominant type. I feel like a chameleon, too! Deep emotional responsiveness; laugh a minute; take charge; and super critiquer. What am I?
    Anne, who, like all of Carol’s offspring, is naturally gorgeous. I am so glad she has found her true self and thank her for demonstrating these principles.

  29. Ems
    06 September 14, 7:03pm

    I am a strong Type 4, but with quite a bit of a Type 2. It almost seems like those two are contradictory, but it actually works perfectly. When I dress as a 2 or a 4, I get TONS of compliments. I FEEL better about myself when I’m being true to my dominant types. I don’t even try Types 1 and 3 anymore, because it was just an exercise in futility.

  30. 22 September 14, 10:14am

    Might I suggest, experimenting with different styles if you are conflicted as to which you are and then noticing how you FEEL throughout the day in the particular style type- does it feel like the real you? Have fun with it!
    You can put your own spin on these styles. I am a type 3 but originally fought it, and like to dress simply for comfort, but have learned to dress down a type 3 with layering/texture and a big fun pendant but still a casual look. Its most important how you feel, not even how you look, when you feel good, then you will radiate from the inside, so listen to how you feel first and the rest will become clear. :)

  31. Patra K
    24 September 14, 2:27am

    I believe that when you’re confident with yourself, you can possess any look you want. I dress like all four of these types when the event calls for it.

  32. Margaret
    15 December 14, 1:51pm

    I think the 4 looks the worst on her because she’s not a 4 but also because that look is very dated. It looks like how I used to dress in the late 80s and 90s. It’s the LA Law look, lol. I think I am a 4, when I was younger I was definitely a 4. Don’t know if I switched around between 2 and 4 and 3 and 4 due to circumstances/work changes or what. But what I know is that 4 is challenging. First of all, it’s an expensive to maintain look. Suits and pressed shirts mean a dry cleaners bill. Yes there are cheaper alternatives but it’s the one area where cheaper really shows. I have had some success buying on ebay and thred up looks promising but in generally, you need $$$ and an iron. At least the hair styles are simple: bob bun or otherwise pulled back.

  33. Evelyn
    26 January 15, 4:23pm

    I think she looks beautiful in all those outfits/hair styles. I have no clue what number would apply to me in the dress your truth, tho I don’t think I’m a 4), but I do understand that when I’m dressed up in fancy clothes, shoes, hairstyle, I’m the least comfortable, so I’m not a fancy girl.
    Right now dressed in sweats, a soft yellow t-shirt and socks, with my hair pulled into a ponytail, is very comfortable but would I go out in this? Only to exercise!
    Anne is very pretty and looks great in all four of these photo…she pulls them all off well, and each could be dictated by where she is going…on a date…lunch with the girls…a business presentation…or at her desk in the office (or as a parent at a parent/teacher conference)?
    Not all of us are blessed with her versatility, so I think it could be helpful being a little more
    focused, but figuring out which number you are is not easy!

    • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
      29 January 15, 6:33pm

      Thank you, Evelyn, for sharing and your kind words about Anne. We welcome you to visit http://www.dyt.liveyourtruth.com/whatsmytype for resources to help you determine your Type of beauty. Enjoy!

  34. Elsie Wilson
    20 February 15, 11:41am

    Oh, Carol this was wonderful to see! Can’t thank Anne enough! I am a Type two, also. Being a very intuitive, artist, who also taught elementary school for years, discovering that I was a Type 2″ was not a surprise! But it certainly explained what I had a closet full of! I lean a little towards the Type 1 side, come up with ideas easily, but would look just as fake as Anne did if I dressed as Type 1 ….or 3…or ..4! I’m loving your two books and find them so insightful!

  35. LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
    27 February 15, 9:34pm

    Hello Tressey, thank you for your interest. Dressing Your Truth works for people of all ethnicities, and we do love to feature the process with a beautiful variety of women. You can see more Before & Afters here: http://dyt.liveyourtruth.com/real-before-afters/ Carol shares more on the Dressing Your Truth Facebook page as well. We appreciate you!

  36. 28 February 15, 10:00am

    @Tmice826 I am a woman of color and I am a Type 3 woman. At this time there very few women of color who are practicing DYT concepts. There is a lot of support in the Facebook groups set up for each specific type. DYT has helped me express my style, embrace my ethnic beauty and personality in powerful ways. For me DYT helps address this issue on a larger scale and creates an unique opportunity to create visibility and awareness for women of color. I would encourage you to learn more about DYT and to learn how to express yourself so that it represents all of your beauty as a woman of color. Feel free to connect on FB. My name is Gemma Benton.

  37. Kelly
    28 May 15, 6:55pm

    Anne is a beautiful woman and I am shocked at how different her appearance is in the different outfits. I never would have believed that clothing and the extras could actually change your facial looks. In her T2 clothing she looks so young, relaxed and happy.
    Carol I can not thank you enough for all this wonderful information, I have learned a lot reading and watching your profiling courses. Thank you and don’t ever stop doing what you are doing!

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