3 Simple Tips to Break Free of the Myth: “You Have to Be Skinny to Be Beautiful”

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Do you think you’re skinny enough? If you’re like most women, probably not.

The sad thing is, no matter how skinny they get, many women still don’t feel beautiful. They believe they need to achieve a certain weight or dress size first. They need to be “skinny enough,” whatever that means.

It’s a myth! Letting it go is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your body image.

The Skinny Myth

In my book, Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile, I challenge the most popular cultural myths about beauty. And the biggest of them all has to do with your weight.

As women, we were told as young as 12 or 13 years old that we had to be very, very thin in order to be beautiful.

Add to that decades of being bombarded with images of skinny supermodel beauty, it’s not surprising most women feel like they’re not skinny enough! But the truth is, skinny doesn’t equal beauty.

How the Skinny Myth Actually Makes You Fat

The craziest thing about this fixation on being skinny is that it can work against us and cause us to gain weight!

Women focus so much on how fat their bodies are…and so their bodies hold on to extra pounds.

When we focus on what we don’t want we empower it, we energize it. When women focus on the belief that their bodies are too fat, their bodies respond in a way that makes that belief true.

If you’re feeling too fat, think about this:

When was the last time you said something negative about your body, out loud to yourself or to someone else?

You most like have already experienced that today. It’s time to stop beating yourself up and focusing on what you don’t want!

Can You Be Beautiful at Any Size?

Most women don’t believe it, but the answer to that question is a resounding, Yes!

To show you how true this is, I want you to meet my 4 Types Beauty Panel. Each woman here expresses 1 of the 4 Types of beauty in my ground-breaking Beauty Profiling System.

In this video, they discuss ways to overcome feelings of failure over not being “skinny enough.” And they give some great tips to free you up to honor your body, your beauty, and your health. Listen in…

What do you think about the myth that you have to be skinny to be beautiful? Do you agree with our response? Leave a comment or ask a question.

3 Tips to Let Go of the Myth (and the Pounds!)

If you’ve ever felt like weight loss was a struggle, or that your body wasn’t skinny enough to be beautiful, you can let go of that myth. Once you let go, you will free your body to feel loved—which actually makes it a lot easier to let go of those extra pounds naturally.

To help you let go of the myth, see which tendencies you have and use these 3 tips to start honoring your body and your beauty exactly where you are.

Tendency 1: Buying clothes for dress size rather than fit.
  • Tip 1: Buy clothes that actually fit you!

For many women, beauty corresponds to a dress size. And the number never seems small enough. Stop tying your self-image to an arbitrary number. Cut the size labels out of your clothes if you have to!

Look at Marcy on our panel. She says she feels more beautiful and comfortable when she focuses on wearing clothes that fit well, rather than tying her worth to a number on a label. And isn’t she lovely?

Tendency 2: Looking in the mirror and noticing that you’re not skinny enough.
  • Tip 2: Look at and talk about your body like the gift that it is!

You influence your body by what you believe about it. When you say you’re too fat, you set up a pattern in your life to keep you feeling weighed down and keeping those extra pounds right where they are.

And this pattern starts way too early for most women. What did you think about Anne’s story of the 80-pound girl in 7th grade? Maybe you’ve heard a skinny, skinny teenager yourself, saying she needs to lose weight. You heard the beginnings of the lie she started to believe about herself.

Embrace the truth that every single woman is beautiful! You don’t need to be skinny to express your natural beauty. Notice your beauty. Celebrate it. Your body will respond.

Tendency 3: Waiting to buy clothes (or keeping old ones) until you lose weight.
  • Tip 3: Don’t wait until you’re skinny to love your body!

Honor your body right now, no matter your size. One of the best ways to honor your body is to wear the right clothes for your Type of beauty. When your clothing moves the way you naturally move through life, you feel lighter and more comfortable.

We’ve seen weight loss happen for many women as a natural byproduct of our Dressing Your Truth program. They start loving their bodies, no matter what size they are, and their bodies start to feel better and healthier.

When you Dress Your Truth, it’s easier to live in your body because your body feels loved.

Start Feeling Beautiful Today

The myth that we need to be skinny to be beautiful keeps defeating women because it puts off until later what women should be doing today: loving, honoring, and adorning their bodies.

So, what can you do? Learn your Beauty Profile. It’s the first step to a new mindset about your body and your beauty. And that first step will lead you to a community of women who share a sense of beauty camaraderie and support.

Discover the other fashion myths that are affecting your confidence by taking my 3-Minute Beauty Confidence Quiz. And then let go of them to be your most beautiful self!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of four books, created Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth to fill a need for women everywhere who don't know how beautiful they are. Her revolutionary makeover program has transformed the look—and lives!—of women all over the world. She wants to help you learn the truth about your beauty so that you can live it, dress it, and love it!


  1. Alisha Liggett
    31 December 11, 7:07am

    My husband seems to be type 4.  I seem to have some of type four, wanting to move through problems to quickly be happy with things, but I have to talk about things and share feelings to get to the point.  I like to be spontaneous in getting out and about but want a very stable and structured life in the home.. I do not know the 1 and 3 types.  My husband is very loyal and seems to shut down with things sometimes but that may just be a weakness because he doesn’t prefer communicating..like at all about a problem. ?  PS I love your website and want to learn more about dressing your truth that seems so wonderful! :)    


  2. 22 March 12, 11:06am

    […] more support in clearing away this lie, check out 3 tips to help you defeat the skinny myth and meet 4 truly beautiful women of all sizes and shapes. And make sure you take my 3-Minute Beauty […]

  3. 18 April 12, 11:38pm

    […] more support in clearing away this lie, check out 3 tips to help you defeat the skinny myth and meet 4 truly beautiful women of all sizes and shapes. And make sure you take my 3-Minute Beauty […]

  4. Nancy Niemi
    18 January 14, 9:06pm

    I just watched the type 2 purse and decorating, there are so many things that i have have that are the same or similar , in the purse i literally had everythings anne had plus what i call , more confort items , i am a mum of magnificent children almost grown they are 23,i think a 4 ,19 who most definately a 2,,those are the boys and my daughters who are 18 and a passionate 3 and 15 a bubbbly 1 , i have forevever and a day carried things for others , such as band aids,file , nail clippers,emery board, scissors, tape measure,hair ties,coupons pencil sharpener, eraser, ,highlighter,calculator, sticky notes, extra pen and pencil, all these thngs i carry in case someone might need them.
    As to the decorating , i love shabby chic, victorian,my favorite sofa , which i purchased at a thrift store is from the 30s , has a curved back and is a soft aqua i love it ,most of our furniture is antiques, whihc i love , the furniture has to have ” movement” in it , no straight lines , it is mostly upolstered, but if not its very turned , carved,looks like it has a story to go with it and alot of pieces do !
    Oh i alos wanted to mention that my wedding ring is an estate piece a small , narroe gold band that has orange blossoms carved into it , very delicate , my engagment ring , my type3 hubby designed by placeing a diamond i rec at 16 from my Pappy , His Grandmothers diamond and a brand new diamond he bought me on a delicate band of tri colored roses yellow gold , white gold and rose gold , amazingly romantic and means the world to me . I love clothing that looks like it came from anothere age with embroderey, and details such as fluted sleeves, the best fashion trend was in the 80s remember the poet blouse ?! I so wish there was a way to hear from you , that would be my final validation.Hope to hear from you
    God bless you
    Nancy , again

  5. Nancy Niemi
    18 January 14, 9:25pm

    Hello there , me again , i love , love , love my skinny jeans , now i am a pear shaped and a dancer since i was a child so my thighs are solid , they are my biggest hindrance in fashion , my hips are average, and my ” muffin top” is slight , my arms are a bit less toned then i would prefer , and my waist has thickened but it is my thighs that are my consternation, last year i found skinny jeans made out of a stretchy fabric , and not knowing my type yet , i bought a pair in every color available , i love them! they make my leg look tapered , i do have long legs i have a 32 inch inseam now some of them are the wrong colors ,far to vibrant , so now i pair them with solid colred tops in my colors and i have to tell you grey has become my “go to” color i wear it with almost anything and i just feel a wash of relief with it on . so i encourage evevryone to find a pair of skinny jeans and give them a try mine came from walmart and wer only 15 dollars .I do still have black and red paint box number 4 in my wardrobe but only on the bottom part of me lololololololol!!!!!

  6. Nancy Niemi
    19 January 14, 8:32am

    Good morning , just a suggestion, please nix the table , so we can see your shoes, thank you

  7. Cherieann
    13 July 14, 9:12am

    Good point about the negative cultural conditioning regarding beauty.

  8. mdwinter
    18 February 15, 6:44pm

    To this day, I don’t remember how I stumbled onto your website. I tell people that God led me to it. I have a goal to feel better about myself, and after listening to the free courses and then purchasing the online course, I have to say that knowing my Type has freed me from being so sensitive. I am a Type 2 and have always had my feelings hurt by others. Typing my husband as a 3 has really opened my eyes as to why I was getting hurt everyday. I now understand his tendency to “blow up” at me and then he was fine. In fact, he’s the only person who can make me cuss and when I do, he smiles and he’s done. That is very freeing; I no longer have to cuss; I can bring up the situation and we re-group. My second ah-ha moment came this last week: I purchased an egg-shell colored, flowing blouse with what I call angel wing sleeves. I normally wear pure white so I was worrying about the color, but really, really loved the top. I wore it to church Sunday and felt like I was floating on air; like I could dance if only I knew how. I had not gone through this course yet and now understand what I was feeling. Thank you for doing the tons of research needed to make women feel their very best while living their truth. And as a Type 2, I am tearing up while writing this :-). Thought that would put a smile on your face!

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