Dressing Your Truth

Episode 1

In this first course segment, discover why your Type of beauty determines the way you look. Learn the 4 elements that create your unique Type of beauty.

Episode 2

You express one of the 4 Types of natural beauty. Do you know which one? Learn how to identify each and see how beautiful they are.

Episode 3

This episode will show you each Type's natural gift (and challenges). Learn what your thoughts, feelings, and personality have to do with being beautiful.

Episode 4

Grab a mirror for this episode. We'll take a good look at body language, facial features, and what the shape of your nose teaches you about how to be beautiful.

Episode 5

Which Type are you? Get clues, ideas, and questions about your unique Type of beauty. And learn why it doesn't cost as much as you think to look good.

Episode 6

Learn all the 5 elements of style you need to look and feel beautiful every day. The Before & After photos here will amaze you.

Episode 7

Learn the magic formula for lifetime confidence. Apply this episode's practical style tips that teach you how to be beautiful NOW.

Episode 8

In this part of the course, we share loads of support to help you confirm your Type and feel good about it—including a free pdf portion of Carol's Type of beauty book!

What is Dressing Your Truth?

Like many other women, Carol Tuttle spent too many years wondering how to be beautiful. She doesn't have to wonder anymore. And neither do the thousands of women who Dress their Truth. Learn more about Carol and her amazing makeover program here.

Blah before. Amazing After.

We believe that every woman is beautiful and that you can look good at any age, weight, or
dress size. These women found ways to look prettier. Take a look at
their lovely transformations.

Computer Ready to start feeling beautiful.

The Dressing Your Truth course is jam-packed with tutorials and Club Member resources to teach you how to be beautiful and feel confident. Look at everything Dressing Your Truth gives you and learn how to get started here.

It's never been easier to look good.

We don't just teach you how to shop we make it easier. We showcase items—
carefully handpicked for your Type in a beautiful, customized online store. You'll
never find another store that makesyou look so good. Start learning to Dress
Your Truth today, and feel good about how you look forever.